Monday, December 23, 2019

The Last Scarf of the Year

Finally this scarf is off the loom, it was a joy to weave, but trying to get sat at the loom can be problematic at this time of the year.  I feel it took weeks to weave.
This photo was taken before it was washed and even at this point I knew it was something quite lovely.  I used hand dyed silk for the warp and aqua tencel for the weft.
The lighting is quite shocking with winter mizzle giving everything a grey tinge, but I perservered and this shot shows some of the pattern quite well.
This is the scarf washed, but not steam pressed or fringe twisted and the drape of the cloth is simply amazing.  I will definitely be using this pattern again, but, I could not get a decent photo inside the house so outside I went.  The winter grey sky has really muted the colours and pulled all the lovely silk sheen out.  The colours should show as aqua, navy, green and magenta, but you get the idea.

The final shot today is Orange Charlotte Russe that we made for a family birthday, now we can buckle down and get going on Christmas.
We wish you all things Merry and Bright, and hope you have a safe and warm Christmas surrounded by those you care about.

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Susan said...

That scarf is simply delightful..... love the colours and pattern very much!
The dessert also looks decadent too...

Loved our chat today..... Merry Christmas!