Saturday, September 3, 2016

Theo Moorman Twill Again ~ Four Shaft Scarf

The final project in my Theo Moorman journey was a real pleasure to weave, but yet again Windows 10 has eaten my data!  Yesterday’s forced update ate a bunch of my PCW files.......what the heck, they had nothing to do with Windows!   

This is what I can remember....
I decided to work with the same format as my previous Theo Moorman scarf, but to make a few small tweaks.  I changed the colour, the twill pattern edge and both the inlay fibre and how it was laid in.
I chose to weave the background cloth for this scarf using white 2/8 tencel.  I kept the silver lurex as the tie down thread and changed the inlay yarn to Filatura Di Crossa Gioiello in a slate grey colour.  This is a fine knitting yarn that is mohair, wool and a tiny silver sparkle bumps.
The warp was threaded with a simple broken twill pattern on the edges and 2/2 twill for the inlay portion.  The goal was to have plenty of interest on the reverse side of the scarf. The sparkle panel down the centre and the broken twill edges should take care of that.
I laid in the Theo Moorman design as large blocks down the centre of the scarf and I think it’s a winner.  I love the graphic look and because the inlay yarn is so fine and soft I’ve kept a beautiful drape.
Well off to see what I can salvage on this laptop....I swear to god Microsoft is doing this crap to make us all Apple users!