Sunday, September 30, 2018

Painted Silk Warps in 12 Shaft Twills

Mum and I both have a very large Ziploc bag filled with painted silk warps so we are on a quest to weave them all up.  The first warp that I put on the loom was painted in warm autumnal colours of golden yellow, warm bronze and raspberry red.
For weft colours I tried to stay in the autumnal theme, and I tried all the reds, oranges and browns that we have.  They didn’t work there wasn’t enough contrast.
I went with black, it really highlighted the colour and made the 12 twelve shaft twill really pop.
The finished scarf is truly spectacular; the colours are warm and glowing.  The graphic punch of the twill pattern is really interesting.  For Sale.

The second warp that I put on was painted in a raspberry red and a moss green.  I don’t have a good shot of the warp because painted warps are so exciting that they don’t sit on the loom for very long!
I tried a lot of weft colours.  The first bunch of colours was antique gold, amethyst, light navy and gold.  The amethyst was OK so I left it and tried two more colours next.
The two new colours on top were olive green and black.  The black overwhelmed the colours and the olive was boring.
Next I tried some reds to warm up the warp.  Well they just made the warp muddy.
I told you I tried a lot of weft colours.  This next batch I tried anything and everything that could remotely work.  Nope, nothing there.
The last try I looked at some previous choices, maybe I was too hasty in rejecting them.  I tried the amethyst, gold and a different darker navy.  Yup the darker navy is the one.
The pattern is a 12 shaft twill; it is actually the same tie up as the previous scarf.  I changed the threading and the treadling.
This scarf just glows.  There are two distinct sides to the scarf one is more navy and the other highlights the painted warp.  For Sale.

Final Garden Shot is the roof top visitors that we had this summer on our neighbours roof.  First is a bald eagle and the other is a raccoon.  Needless to say I preferred seeing the eagle!