Friday, January 16, 2015

Scarlet Crackle Scarf

I’m sure that every weaver has the same New Year’s Resolution – trying to use up the bits and pieces of the stash.  Usually I look at the different yarns to be used and plan a project but this time I went by colour – red!

The tube of Scarlet Tencel was such a small amount that I had to do some math but instead of figuring out the pounds per yard etc.  I used a spreadsheet that I have been compiling throughout the year that has the average weights of cones (by manufacturer and yarn type), weights of warps and the completed weight of finished projects.  By having all the weights in one place instead of on each individual drafts I can really make use of the information.
I really like tone on tone colours so I went with a lovely Burgundy for the weft.  But as you can see what you can’t see is the pattern!
I like to try every colour that I think has a chance of working because I am constantly surprized at what will work.  So I tried 7 colours starting from the bottom are Navy, Amethyst, Red Violet, Hunter Green, Slate Grey, Black and Iris (a blue/purple).
And the winner is the Amethyst!  It makes the scarf have a lovely iridescence and the Crackle pattern really stands out.
The Crackle pattern is the same one from Oil Slick Scarf and it is truly stunning.  The large star burst pattern shimmers along the length of the scarf.  For Sale.
The final picture is from the Garden and is the Coral Bark Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’) and the mass of ivy climbing the fence.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finishing Crackle Weave Scarf

As the New Year begins and the Christmas decorations are packed away, my compulsion to make change rears its ugly head.  Notebook in hand I walked around the house and make a list of all the projects I want to tackle.  For some reason the tasks that I give to Michael are always the easiest to compile, and bless him, he stoically accepts the list and jumps aboard!  So far I’ve sewn all new cushion covers for the family room adding a nice pop of peacock blue and moved around most of the paintings, spring cleaning as I go.  Michael has done some electrical work behind the gas range to allow it to snug up closer to the wall and what a difference that made!

This year it is a tiny bit harder to fit things into my day because for Christmas I got a Fitbit Charge and it has completely changed the way my days go. This fitness tracker is with me day and night and I had no idea I was as competitive as I am….and darned if I’m not going to get those 10,000 steps in every day!  Walking almost 4 miles every day is definitely eating into my weaving time, but darned if I don’t feel better for it! 
On my last post I mentioned that I had selvedge problems with this lovely silk scarf and so I decided to add a twisted cord to even out the edges.  I made two 4 thread cords 200 inches long and twisted for what seemed like hours.
I pinned it to the selvedge to see how it looks and it really does improve the appearance and hide those weird bumps.
When I got to the edge of the scarf I found I had scads left over, really, really scads left over.
Not wanting to waste all that work I thought….why not double back and see what that looks like.  I like it!  Now find the time to actually do the job and sew it…that’s the goal for today! 
Michael and I have decided to spend our 40th anniversary in France this year so my other excuse for not getting anywhere on the loom is that I’m booking holiday homes in the south of France and Basque Country in Spain and spending time brushing up on my French.  I’m using a free app called Duolingo and it is an absolute blast.  So today I need to sew my scarf, make bread, go for two walks, learn to conjugate a few verbs in French, clean the fridge, post a blog….ahhh nothing like keeping busy.