Friday, January 16, 2015

Scarlet Crackle Scarf

I’m sure that every weaver has the same New Year’s Resolution – trying to use up the bits and pieces of the stash.  Usually I look at the different yarns to be used and plan a project but this time I went by colour – red!

The tube of Scarlet Tencel was such a small amount that I had to do some math but instead of figuring out the pounds per yard etc.  I used a spreadsheet that I have been compiling throughout the year that has the average weights of cones (by manufacturer and yarn type), weights of warps and the completed weight of finished projects.  By having all the weights in one place instead of on each individual drafts I can really make use of the information.
I really like tone on tone colours so I went with a lovely Burgundy for the weft.  But as you can see what you can’t see is the pattern!
I like to try every colour that I think has a chance of working because I am constantly surprized at what will work.  So I tried 7 colours starting from the bottom are Navy, Amethyst, Red Violet, Hunter Green, Slate Grey, Black and Iris (a blue/purple).
And the winner is the Amethyst!  It makes the scarf have a lovely iridescence and the Crackle pattern really stands out.
The Crackle pattern is the same one from Oil Slick Scarf and it is truly stunning.  The large star burst pattern shimmers along the length of the scarf.  For Sale.
The final picture is from the Garden and is the Coral Bark Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’) and the mass of ivy climbing the fence.

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Susan said...

That is a lovely colour combination! It never fails to amaze me what goes together and brings out the "wow" factor!

Your garden looks colourful too!