Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Very Fine Cotton Scarves in 12 Shaft Crackle

I pulled this two scarf warp way back before Christmas last year and it has sat in the yarn cupboard ever since.  It is 2/30 cotton in white.  I didn’t have a weaving plan before I pulled the warp and I think that it why it has languished for so long.  It also isn’t very inspiring especially when Mum is weaving painted warps in bright and beautiful jewel tones!
I was able to do a 12 shaft crackle because the fine grist of the warp meant that the large and complicated motifs are more manageable in scale.  I choose a very fine gold cotton as the weft for the first scarf.  And it was a disaster, the white and gold blah-ed out each other and the fine grist of the weft made the pattern really hard to see.
Unfortunately I then had to wind the gold cotton from the pirn back on the little cardboard tube.
I then tried 2/20 black cotton/Tencel; it was a safe choice but it was boring.
The weft that I went with is very much a surprise.  It is a thick and thin singles silk in lime green.  The crackle pattern is a little obscured by the texture of the silk but it is very interesting.
For the second scarf I went with fine grist of silk in a silvery blue.  The crackle motifs are very much more visible.
The lime green scarf is light, bright and cheerful.  For Sale.

The silvery blue scarf is lovely.  The crackle pattern really pops on this scarf.  For Sale.

Final Garden Shot is a Hallowe'en pumpkin!  Happy Hallowe'en!