Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Last of the Fine Cotton Projects

There are two little balls of fine cotton leftover from one of our dye days, one is a silvery blue leftover from Mum’s blue ombre shawls and the other small one is purple leftover from Mum’s Echo Shawls (which she hasn't blogged about yet).
The original plan was to make a shawl using both balls but after I had pulled the blue ball there was more than enough for a single shawl.  The blue colour of the warp really reminds me of blue jeans so I thought the perfect colour for the weft would be the gold stitching used for jeans.
The gold I picked was antique gold Tencel which has a slight green tone.  It really overwhelmed the pale silvery blue warp, so I ditched that one.
Next I tried a warmer deep yellow gold colour and finally a gorgeous silver yarn.
The silver was the clear winner.  The pattern is a lovely undulating twill that either looks like X’s or lovely diamond shapes.

The shawl has a stunning shimmer and shine to it.  The silver weft really highlights the pretty pattern.  For Sale.

With the purple ball there was only enough warp for a single scarf.  I am really pleased that I am finishing using up all the fine cotton that we had dyed as it fits into my 'stash busting' pledge.
The weft for the purple scarf is a greyed teal and the pattern is a crackle, always a favourite weave structure in the Lynch household.  The pattern is fun to weave and vaguely looks like trees.
The scarf is wonderfully lightweight and the interplay of the matte finish of the purple cotton and the shine of the teal Tencel is fantastic.

For Sale.

Final garden shot is a hardy fuchsia that I have growing beside the hosta, the colour is just amazing!