Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Appropriate for Jun-uary and Febu-ly . . . It’s Raining Polka Dots Again!

This is a silk scarf warp that I dyed back in March 2015.  The scarf is dyed lengthwise in blue and turquoise.
The two colours can be seen up close but far away the colours blend into a pretty blue.
So I went through a lot of trouble finding a weft that would show the two different colours.  The first round starts with slate grey, navy blue from Webs, navy blue from Brassards, white, taupe and gold. The grey and blues are OK but the top three are a terrible and yes, the Webs tencel and the Brassards tencel are very, very different.
The second round of weft choices starts with pulling anything that could remotely work.  It starts with purple, azure, hunter green, pale green, black and red.  I hated everything.
The third round is the maybe’s from round one and some different choices in grist size.  It starts with 2/10 white, 2/20 blue bamboo, 2/8 white, 2/8 navy from Brassards and 2/8 slate grey.
And the final choice is the 2/20 navy blue bamboo!  It was the only weft that I felt didn’t hide the two colours of the warp.
Here are some beauty shots of the finish scarf in one of my favourite patterns.  For Sale.

Final Garden Shot is a stunning red Cardinal Meadowhawk Dragonfly sitting on a silver metal garden stake.