Monday, June 29, 2015

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig Jig

I’ve been back from my trip to France and Spain for just over a week and I’m finally starting to decompress!  We arrived home at 8 in the evening and by 2 the next day we had company arrive from New Zealand for a week!  It was fun, but tiring.
Michael and I spent time in France in both the Aquitaine and Languedoc regions; needless to say there was lots of wonderful wine, bread and charcuterie consumed!   We were based in Lignan-in-Bordeaux in the Aquitaine, and Limoux in the Languedoc. Every day consisted of a lovely drive, a picnic and an adventure! France again stole my heart with its’ immense beauty and charm and architecture.
We then moved to Spain and stayed in both Catalonia and Basque country.  I don’t believe that there could be two regions more completely different!  Catalonia is hot and dry and has lovely agrarian villages, but unfortunately industrialization has reared its ugly head and for the most part factories were placed quite unsympathetically with the landscape.  Luckily we stayed in Montblanc which is a walled village and quite lovely with no factories nearby.
This is Michael bringing home the groceries ~ our apartment is at the top along the wall in Montblanc.
One of the best parts of Spain ~ yup that wine is under 2 euro a bottle!  Pretty darn tasty too!
Then a long drive across Spain to the amazing green mountainous landscape of Basque country; we stayed in Zarautz, again a very lucky choice.  This is the view from our sun deck with the village and coastline below ~ the road to the house was hair raising to say the least!
Now I’m home and looking at an empty loom, a half finished project and the start of a project that I hardly remember!
I’m sure it will all come back to me....