Monday, December 30, 2019

Our Year in Review

We would like to wish you a wonderful New Year with health and happiness in 2020!

I like to wrap up our weaving year by compiling a list of what we accomplished at the loom;  2019 was a busy year for us off the loom too because we undertook some pretty major projects around the house, we changed our landscape and painted the entire interior of the house!
In between gardening and painting I wove:
8 tea towels
8 scarves
3 table runners that I never blogged about
330 Guild of Canadian Weavers samples
5 pictures to frame
I also sewed 5 pouches
1 capelette for Ngaire
and 2 vests out of handwoven fabric
Ngaire did a bit more weaving, as she garnered a whopping
15 scarves
5 table runners
8 tea towels
2 shawls
330 Guild of Canadian Weavers samples
and 1 picture to frame
Ngaire also did some major work on drafting which took much more time to figure out than to blog about.  After all of her hard work, I finally got a good idea about drafting Diversified Plain Weave!

All things considered it was a very good year for the two of us at WovenBeauty and DustBunnies....and to add some icing on the cake I received this book on December 24 ~ what a great present from me to me! This is Marian Stuenitsky's newest book 'Double Twist' and I know I will spend many, many hours trying to understand all the new concepts....wonderful!

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