Monday, December 16, 2019

Finished Weaving to Frame

I have finally finished the guild study group challenge to weave something ‘frame able’ and it was not easy!

I wove a piece of cotton yardage with the idea of painting on it and was frankly underwhelmed by the result (check it out here).  Then I tried distorting the fabric to make rusching and again, hmmmm, not so much.

I started out with a piece of fabric twenty inches long and ten inches wide and used some iron on Pelon to stabilize it.  Then I cut it into three equal pieces to give myself plenty of chances to actually succeed in this endeavour.
My husband Michael found this product called Fabri Ink which promises to ‘create beautiful Watercolor effects on fabric’.  I finally got a glimmer of an idea and jumped right in.  The product comes in two parts; a refillable water brush and some concentrated ink.
I decided to do something simple and opted for ‘mountainish’ lines which I painted on dry fabric.
I then sprayed it with water to encourage bleeding.
I went a tad to far with the spraying and got a bit more bleeding than I had hoped for, but I could live with it by applying a few more lines of ink.
Here they are all in a row and as good as I'm going to get them.
This one lookes pretty mountainy, with a bit of cloud at the peak.
This one is almost mountain ranges and I'm liking it.
Number three and it is the most literal of the three.
Together they make a very satisfying triptich and I can finally put this project to bed with the knowledge that I met my commitment.  After Christmas I will hang them in my studio beside my loom.
Here is my kitchen Christmas tree all decked out in fine blown glass vegetables and pastries, every time I look up on top of the kitchen armoir I feel happy.

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Peg Cherre said...

Good job! You met your commitment in a fine way. Never give up.