Monday, December 2, 2019

Confressions of A Compulsive Organizer

I love organization, I love to see everything neat and tidy and if it’s colour coordinated, so much the better.
When I begin developing a new weaving project, my first step is to haul out my ‘stash book’ which I made and blogged about in 2009 , click to read the original post.  Honestly I use this binder nearly every day.
After ten years of hard use this binder is showing its age as I’ve pulled through the binder holes and it feels that now is a good time to re-visit how I made it and make a few improvements to the design.
I had recently bought some cardstock to make hang tags for the guild sale, so having the supplies on hand really motivated me.
I hauled out my wee Fiskars paper cutter and started by cutting the letter sized paper into 3 sizes:
4 7/8”x8 1/2”, 3 7/8”x8 1/2” and 2 7/8”x8 1/2”.  I was able to get multiple cuts from each page and I made 14 of each size.
I then made margins on the large page at 2” from the edge, 1 1/2” for the medium page and 1” for the small page.  I then made lines equally spaced down the page.  This is when I switched to centimetres because it just worked out better, my lines are 1 cm apart.
Punching the holes for the binder came next and frankly it was pretty hard on my hands.  It was at this point I discovered that hole punches can indeed become dull!
126 holes later and they are done, now just 840 more punches to go as I give each card 20 holes for the yarn!  This is the part that I made changes I made only 20 holes per page as I found the yarns near the bottom of the page tended to slip out of place and rip through the hole.  I also move the hole in further from the edge to make them stronger.
Now comes the really fun part for me.  I pulled out each of my yarn storage bins and weigh each item, then place a nice doubled strand on the card.  When I could I made note of the manufacturer and of the colour name and if I had mixed dye lots.  Naturally I colour coded too, just because it made me happy.
This is my on hand Tencel in all its beauty.   Ahh, one fibre down and 13 more to go!

I don't have a garden shot today because it's dull and drippy outside, but here is what we've been doing in the kitchen.  Cream puffs with cracklin crusts filled with creme patissiere, yummmm!

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Peg Cherre said...

Yum! I'd like to join you for a cup of coffee or tea and those cream puffs!