Sunday, October 20, 2013

Networked Twill ~ Finished and Started

I have the treadling for the Polka Dot pattern committed to memory…or so I thought!  I pulled the painted silk scarf off the loom I just loved it.  After wet finishing and hanging to dry I put started to twist the fringe and that’s when it appeared, a whopping big error.

On this side everything looks great, and this is what I saw on the loom. 

This is the reverse side and there it is….a three thread treadling error right across the scarf (about half way up on the left side)!  Just as well that I love this pattern and don’t have a scarf like this because this one is mine, yet again!  I seem to be the recipient of more and more of my scarves lately.  Not sure what that says about my concentration of late.

Since I’m not one to give in, I immediately put on another silk warp using the same pattern.  This warp is hand spun silk that I blogged about spinning here. 

I have used this silk to weave a scarf before and I found that the sweet pastel tones really didn’t leap to the fore, so I decided to add a bit more colour to the warp and I dropped, green, purple, turquoise and navy onto the pulled warp during my last ProcionMX dye day in August.

There was no question regarding the weft this time.  I decided to use 2/16 Bamboo in navy and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The weft is really fine so the painted silk really pops.

This scarf looks just like a painting of dappled water; it is without a doubt one of my favourite painted warps!  Hopefully, this silk scarf with come off without an error and I’ll be able to list it on Etsy.

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Susan said...

Second time is the charm! The new warp is beautiful and fingers are crossed there are no more 'oops'!

I think you have the magic combination there now...