Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wrapping Tutorial To Finish a Table Runner

Now that I’m back on track after my head cold and feeling like myself again, I decided to finish the Drall runners. The taupe gold and white runner came out exactly as I’d hoped and here it is….perfect! This photo is of the front and back together before final pressing.
The problem showed up immediately when I had a good look at the amethyst runner…..I made the mistake of treadling the end sequence exactly the same as the beginning sequence but in reverse and consequently I ended up with one extra block! I love this runner and wanted to salvage it, so I decided to pull out the hems to get to the problem. I had to pull out  the 3 inch hems on each end to get to the mistake and then pull out the extra 4 picks that made the mistake. I then hemstitched the ends and thought I’d twist the fringe to finish the runner. Well, it turns out the fringe is too far short to be twisted and I didn’t want to leave the fringe as it was so I decided to do some wrapping. Here’s a short tutorial on what I did to find the solution!
I cut a piece of the linen yarn about 10 inches long and folded it over about a third of the way down.
Holding the group of fringe that I wanted to bind together I put the looped yarn along side the fringe bout and held it in my left hand. I held the long tail of the linen yarn in my right hand.
Holding the loop to the fringe bout I tightly wrapped the yarn around my fringe group four times.
I made sure that the loop of yarn remained above my wrapping.
Holding the wrapped bout firmly in place, I threaded the long tail of the linen yarn through a large eye needle.
I put the needle under the wrapped yarn and came out behind the loop.
Then I picked up the short yarn tail and the long yarn tail and I pulled them tightly until the loop disappeared.
This makes a knot under the wrapped yarn and tightens the wrapping securely in place.
Using the needle again I pulled the long tail from the top of the wrapping back underneath the wraps to secure it and left it to hang in the fringe.
I wanted the wraps to sit about one third of the way down; my goal was to add both a decorative element and a stabilizing element.
Here it is ~ job done!
I feel I came up with a really interesting solution to my miss-weaving and too short fringe and I’m really happy with the finished product. This view is the front and back together ~ again before final pressing....gotta get onto that!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the great tutorial!

charlotte said...

Thanks for showing that, it was a very creative solution and the result looks great!

Katie said...

Nice. Good creative solution to the problem.