Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Last of the Blue Scarves

It is amazing how different the two scarves look and feel.  Both of the scarves are 2/8 hand dyed cotton warp with some 2/8 Orlec on the edges.  The weft for both scarves was 2/8 Orlec in two different shades of blue.
The first scarf was woven with large lace blocks and the pale blue weft.  The pale weft really disappears into the background of this scarf letting the variations of the warp to show off.  I really like the look of Finnish Lace.  
When I pulled the scarves off the loom I noticed that the darker scarf had quite a lot of texture.  I really liked the feel of it but I wasn’t sure how the finishing was going to turn out.
After washing and a good hard press the pebbly texture hasn’t totally disappeared but it has been greatly reduced.  The scarf was woven with small lace blocks and a darker blue weft.  
These scarves have a fantastic drape to them.  Using Orlec for the weft really lightened up the weight of the scarves.  The Orlec also gives the scarves great shine.  These scarves were really fun and quick to weave!


Peg Cherre said...

Is Finnish lace the same thing as Swedish lace? The scarves are beautiful!

Lynnette said...

Hi Peg,
The difference between Finnish and Swedish is a subtle one. Swedish lace is a unit or block weave and is generally woven on 4 shaft. The horizontal weft floats are over 3 threads and there are no warp faced floats (that would be Bronson lace)
Finnish lace woven on a twill threading and there are warp and weft floats.
Hope this helps.