Monday, April 25, 2011

Dyeing for A Plethora of Shibori

We dyed the woven shibori scarves and forgot to take any photos of us doing it, don’t know what we were thinking; but you can go here to see the dyeing process . Here is a photo of all the dyed scarves patiently waiting the 24 hours before we wash the Procion MX dye out. The basin is filled to overflowing because we also dyed a number of silk hanks to use up the residual dyes. On the top of the rack are the 8 scarves rinsed, we don’t take out the Shibori threads until the scarves are dried.
The middle rack has some 1/12 silk that we dyed to go with some silk previously dyed for a colour study group. The silk that we dyed this time is the solid colours to go with the thick painted hanks and Mum has a really neat idea for the silk.
On the bottom rack is some more silk and the skein to the front of the photo is 2/20 Tencel that I am going to use for some bead leno scarves.
But you really want to see the scarves and here they are. We each dyed one of our scarves the same colour way but they came out radically differently.
The first set of scarves are dyed jade on one side and robin egg’s blue on the other.
The second set are dyed red violet on one side and teal on the other, my personal favourite.
The third set are fuchsia down the centre and royal blue on the edges.
The last two are for us and I did another pink one and Mum did yellow on one side and royal blue on the other. There was some weird colour mixing on Mum’s scarf so it shows a lot of olive green!
The scarves are all so different in the dyeing and in the texture that they produced. The plain weave scarves are all about the dyeing patterns. The twill scarves have a lot more texture that even with a hard pressing doesn’t come out.

It was a truly fascinating experience to weave the same thing as my Mum, it is interesting to see how we do things differently even though she taught me to weave and we weave on the same type of loom! Then to have the product dyed the same yet come out so different.


Maggie said...

That looks like so much fun! My mom got me into weaving, too, and we like to weave totally different things. I wonder what a project like that would come out for us? Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Love, love the colours!

You two are lucky to have each other for weaving/ dyeing buds!


Becky said...

What a great experience. Your scarves are beautiful!

I also craft with my mom, sometimes knitting the same pattern. Right now, I need to warp my mom's table loom and my floor loom. Any day now!