Monday, August 31, 2009

Loom Bench and Turned Taqueté

So many positive and fun things have happened since my last post – I’m still doing the Happy Dance!
When Lily Louet my 12 Shaft Spring loom arrived last fall I found I couldn’t reach the furthest treadles; so my husband Michael set to work and designed a loom bench customized to fit me and my vertical challenges. I have been using the prototype made from rough pine since last November, and this week I got the real deal! My bench is made out of Canadian maple and has every single screw plugged and hidden, the workmanship is exceptional! The front handles are perfect to pull the bench in place without me having to stretch to the ends of the bench.
Michael took the time to give it a wonderful satiny finish and added a bottom to the bench for storage. The heavy duty rollers glide back and forth beautifully and the tilted seat is the perfect angle to take the pressure off my legs and encourage me to sit straight. I’m such a lucky gal! As Michael plans to retire in June, he may take commissions, to customize a loom bench for you…. It really was a great week for the studio as my Louet Jane loom stand also arrived. Although this loom was purchased for workshops, I found that having it neatly folded up did me no good at all. I really wanted to have access to the loom without taking over the kitchen table….My only regret is that I didn’t order the stand when Michael bought me the loom in August 2008 as only 1 year later the price had increased by $100.00! Ahhhhh hindsight! Now this small loom has a place and will have a warp on it this week.
 My Turned Taqueté scarf is off the loom and finally finished. I’m still not totally enamored with my colour choices, but it is a very dignified scarf. The sett was 40 epi – the same as used for Echo Weave, but since it has short floats, it’s a bit less drappey than I’d like, so I’m resleying the second scarf to 36 epi.
Have a look at some of the lovely warp and weft patterns created in this weave, using alternating warp colours, quite fascinating!Since the scarf is very dignified, I kept the embellishments to a minimum, just using silver beads, freshwater pearls and these lovely silver leaves. Only 4 sequences per side seemed to be ample.
My final happy thing this week was learning to knit toe-up-socks. Holy cow, I’m never going back to the other way! First time ever, they really fit me well!


Susan said...

'Elegant' is what comes to mind for your beautiful scarf. Your finishing is superb...

Nice to see your Jane has her legs under her. She'll get more attention being up where she can be seen :)

Love those socks! hand made socks always look so darn happy.

Starting our prep for our getaway!
Won't be too long now...


Susan said...

Darn, I hit publish too soon!
The bench looks very professional... I dare say he will get some orders for sure!
Looking roward to a test ride!


Evelyn said...

Beautiful scarf, and it looks so luxurious and elegant with the fine details. Lucky you to have bench custom made! Evelyn

Sharon said...

At this point I think I'm probably the only one who hasn't been able to master the toe-up cast-on which really makes me cranky and more determined than ever, though I'm quite happy with top-down.

The scarf is lovely and I think your choice of adding the beads on their own is very effective.

Life Looms Large said...

The loom bench is awesome!!! I have two friends with sliding benches, and I secretly covet one. Of course, first I need to start weaving on my wide loom!!! Your husband did a beautiful job with it!

Having just woven on my rigid heddle loom, I can definitely see how having a stand is a nice thing. I was so happy to free up table space once I got the warp off the loom!

The turned taquete scarf is beautiful. Nothing wrong with a little dignity!!

And yay for socks that fit!!!! Is there a secret? A pattern?? I have yarn for something like 4 more pairs of socks, but I'm kind of in sock despair. Knitting scarves instead!!


Delighted Hands said...

Wonderful post-love the bnch and the scarf is very pretty! The bench is to die for! Do you rent your husband...........? Once I learned to knit socks toe-up I never went back to the other way-you will love the options this way!

charlotte said...

Your scarf is just beautiful! The bench looks great, and very practical to have a storage room under the top. I'm sure he will get comissions on this one!

bspinner said...

I love your scarf. The colors, weave and finishing make it so elegant.

I'll say you had a great week. Bench is so cool!!!!! I have trouble with one fitting me too. How lucky you are to have a talent husband that would make one for you.

Love your socks!!

India said...

You happy girl to have a man like that. The bench is so beautiful!