Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Fire Continues

The fire near our home in the Okanagan Valley is raging again. Last night the Terrace Mountain fire grew to 7000 hectares; that is the equivalent of 27 square miles! I feel like weeping for the incredible loss of habitat and fear for the homes threatened. This photo was taken by Allison Beaumont at Carrs Landing mid day August 1. The smoke is billowing to the south.This is the cloud of smoke at our house about 8pm (below), the wind is actually pushing the smoke away from us, and amazingly the sun was fuschia colored through the smoke! The fire is over a ridge and across a very large lake from us, but fearsome all the same. This fire should not get to us, but, we live less than a kilometer from a tinder dry Provincial Park which is 4200+ hectares in size and so we worry. We decided to drive to the shore of Okanagan Lake at about 10 pm; a 20 minute drive to see the fire. We could see the red clouds billowing up from some distance away.
Although the photo quality is poor, you can see that the fire has crested the ridge (behind the ridge it’s a complete inferno) and is heading toward the lake and the homes there. This is a very worrying time for us as we continue to have temperatures in the high 30’sC (high 90’sF) and no rain at all. On a much lighter note, I’ve decided to have some relaxing weaving and to put a few more tea towels into inventory. I chose my new favourite pattern 8 shaft basket weave and plain weave. I just can't seem to concentrate on anything lately. Worry will do that I guess. I used 2/8 cotton in mango and lemon alternating for the body of the towel and added an orange panel on each selvedge. I am using the same orange for weft on 2 towels then will change to a different colour orange 2/22 cottolin for the rest of the towels. It’s rather odd but the orange crossing the yellows somehow has a pink cast…..really very pretty! The colour lifts my spirits and makes me think of brighter things.


bspinner said...

How close are these horrible fires to you? It makes my heart sick to think of all the damage done by this fire.

You're weaving your towels in one of my favorite colors. Orange. Love the pattern.

charlotte said...

This looks so awful and frightening. I really hope they manage to get the fires under control soon, and that you get some rain soon.

Theresa said...

I sure hope they get your fire contained. As you know, you'll be getting smoke from that fire until the first of winter since it is so large Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected by it.

Deanna said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers, too. We know that feeling here in San Diego - last time, there were fires north, east and south of us. It was the first time our neighborhood has ever been evacuated. I was beginning to wonder if we'd end up sitting in the bay!

And the new weaving looks a bit like flames. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

It is a tense situation to have the smoke and ash as constant reminders. Sorry for the fires. The weaving is a beautiful result of all the angst-it is stunning!

India said...

If I only could send you all the rain we have got over here. It just can´t stop raining and then I look at your pictures and wonder why? Your towels are very tasteful, I love the colors.

Susan said...

The forecast is that rain should fall tomorrow in your area. I sure hope they aren't fibbing!

As you know, that fire affected community used to be where we lived for 4 years. I can tell you that they were profoundly disturbed by the fires they had there in '98 and '03. They have large groups of volunteers for assisting in evacuations, boaters to help get people off that side of the lake in case the only road in and out is cut off. The local fire chief was a real terror for getting locals to clean up their grounds of old dry vegetation that feeds a fire. They live and breathe fire safety over there but what to do with lightning strikes?

I noticed that my area is rated extreme as well and so we are all holding our breath this summer.

You told me of your orange towels and I knew they would be cheery but seeing it really brings it home. What fun!

Life Looms Large said...

I've been thinking of you and of those fires. I hope that they're under control now. That must be so scary.

I do love your orange towels. It's funny that the pink appears out of orange and yellow.

Take care and update us when you get a chance!


Sharon said...

We had two of those fires here July 16th, one on either side of us. The lost of wildlife habit in this bleak landscape is absolutely heart-
breaking. The loss of the old growth junipers is the hardest to take - they won't come back in our lifetime.