Saturday, March 28, 2009

Focusing on Fibres

I am seduced by yarn shops; I get totally enamored by beautifully coloured yarns, textures and new fibers. I rarely shop with a plan and even if I have a plan as soon as I’m in yarn nirvana, every sensible thought goes out the window. When I get home with my lovely bags of yarn it seems that I’ve just bought the same darn colours that I had in my stash, I guess if I like it once I’ll be drawn to it again!

To try and keep from purchasing yet another blue yarn and to try and utilize my stash I started carrying around my old Day Timer with bits of my stash sewn onto pages. A pretty good idea I thought. It was organized by fibre but not by size or colour; I had noted if I had a full tube or not, but nothing else. Good but no cigar!

I’m not the kind of gal who can just dump a bunch of yarn in the middle of the floor and fish out the perfect varied yarns and colours and come up with an amazing scarf. I’ve known ladies like that and am totally impressed. I, however, fall into the more systematic, pattern oriented type of weaver, so I need to know what I have on hand to keep myself centered.

My project was to get my Fibre Binder organized to take to the ANWG conference in May. I want to make informed, intelligent yarn purchases and maximize my dollars spent – I know, it’s a dream, a wonderful, wonderful dream!

I took 8x11 card stock and cut it into 3 varying widths.
They stack on top of each other.
Then the holes were punched, I managed to get 21 holes per page. I made one set of cards for each of my fibres.
Here is my 2/8 unmercerized cotton in the cards with notations of the manufacturer and the amount in ounces, I’m so impressed!
I have also made a list of my magazines because I’m always looking for old Handwoven and Weaver magazines and have more than once purchased duplicates……I’ve gotta stop that!
On a roll now, so I’ve got a list of my books just in case too!
Here’s my finished binder, and yes I had to make dividers too – I’m an organizing fool!
Yesterday, we went to the Ponderosa Weavers Guild meeting in Kelowna and brought this sad old gal home.

She has been kicking around our guild room as a loaner for some time and with space being a bit tight, she needed a new home. She’s getting it…she is off to John Low at Woolhouse Tools in Armstrong BC (maker of the wonderful Gertrude Loom, both Susan of Thrums fame and Madelyn Van Der Hooght editor of Handwoven are proud owners) where she will be given a face lift. Then she’s off to Ethiopia! Amazing that this Ashford Wheel made in New Zealand, living in British Columbia, Canada will find a new owner in Africa. Can you imagine what a difference it will make to someones' life to own this wheel! I feel very lucky to have been a link in the chain.

Weaving Words
The word cotton comes from the Arabic word qutun or kutun, a term used to describe any fine textile


Life Looms Large said...

Very cool about that spinning wheel finding its way to Africa!!

That's a brilliant idea for your yarn and magazines!! If I keep shopping like I have been at our guild yarn table, I might need to do something similar!!

I did have good luck with a book like that when I was quilting. I was shopping for a bunch of fabrics for one quilt, and the book helped me keep track of what I had and what I needed.

I'm loving this idea of yours!! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right??? I might have to copy it!


Susan said...

I have the mini binders and made a start by recording my magazine collection. Even recorded my various reeds (lengths and dents per inch... I have a lot of reeds!)
But lost steam on yarns and books. I have such a huge stash and two full book cases of books that it a daunting task. *sigh* I guess I could start with one book shelf at a time and chip away at it...

Great system of record keeping... thanks for sharing

Peg in South Carolina said...

I am SOOOOOO impressed!!!!! I bet you could hire yourself out.

Cindie said...

Wow - so inspirational - now I know what to strive for recording fiber stash! Thank goodness weaving books and magazines aren't an issue for me - I think I have them all. But fiber - it would be great....although a monumental job.....but something to work on. I definitely need to do something for knitting books, magazines & patterns before I hit another knit shop and buy a pattern for the 2nd time. I hope to meet you in Spokane!

charlotte said...

I am so impressed by this system, what a great idea!

bspinner said...

A friend gave me an older Ashford just like the one you have. Spins like a dream and I just love it.

I'm having some back problems and think I'll get to working organizing my yarns like you did. Thanks for the ideas.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I am in awe at your organizing!!! If you ever decide to market this organizing idea, let me know...I would love to be a customer;)

deborahbee said...

That sort of organisational system fascinates me. Love it. I can set it up but fall down at maintainance. I will give it a go because its such a sensible and creative way to keeprack of stash.
Good luck to the little spinning wheel. A lovely story