Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Kumihimo Braid

I had a go at using this Kumihimo plate the other night and found that the instructional pictographs were a bit difficult to understand. As you can see they were a bit daunting.

The Kumihimo package came with five strands of synthetic yarn to start you off, and this is the first braid I did. I must admit that I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it so much that I pulled 60” of gold ribbon, purple orlec and navy orlec to braid. The ribbon I used singly but the orlec was tripled to match the ribbons thickness. The pattern was extremely simple and easily memorized, so I just kept going.

This is a close up of the braid.

Thank you to Geodyne at Tangled Threads for this one.

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Theresa said...

Beautiful! It looks so complicated and quite fun. I wonder if I can do horse manes in any of those braids with some ribbon. :-)
Congrats on the award too. You have a wonderful blog and very deserving.
How are the worms doing?

Life Looms Large said...

Kumihimo! I always think of ideas for where I might use some, and then the idea fades. I haven't actually seen any of it in real life.

Are the braids stretchy or stiff? (I often think I'd like them for straps or handles for bags - so I'd hope for not too much stretch.)

Your braid looks like it's flat, like all shoelaces used to be. I may have to experiment one of these days......


Hilary said...

Just found your blog....enjoyed it immensely, but you have piqued my interest now in kumihimo braiding, and I might be sorry I visited! Just I need an excuse to start another project!
And your worm project, wow....that is really is. Great blog.

bspinner said...

I am so glad you did the flat braid first. I've had my eye on a disk on eBay and was hoping to see a finished braid before I bought it. I like it.
Congratulations on your award.

Susan said...

Hi Lynnette...
Thank you so much for tagging my blog with the award. Now that's three of the meme's I have to respond to!

Love the flat braid... very pretty and quite practical for oh, so many things.

I love your new 'pets'. They are quiet, don't shed (except in the bucket) and you don't have to walk them! Our compost cones seem to work all year round except during bad cold snaps. We just turned our kitchen cone out and the rich soil that came out, full of red wrigglers, was actually quite motivating to ensure all scraps hit the compost bucket!

I saw a robin with nesting material in s beak today.... it's time!


charlotte said...

Thank you so much for the award! The braid looks VERY complicated...

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Very neat-o! Any plans for the long braid? :)

Lynnette said...

Thought I'd answer the questions posed. The worms are settling in nicely - well, they're still moving but I can't see much eating going on yet, it's early days yet.
The Kumihimo braid that I did is not stretchy at all. It is really rather stiff and very firm. I was thinking of a jewlery or belt application for it.

It would make great handles for a purse if made wider. The lady that I bought it from was using 1" rags to braid with for purse handles. They were a bit frayed looking, but for a rag purse they were wonderful.

Leigh said...

The braids are lovely! And congrats on the award.

Deanna said...

Thanks, Lynnette! I am honored and tickled to be tagged.

And I'm glad you've caught the kumi bug. It's amazing how quickly you can get up and running with it, and what a fun technique for playing with colorways.