Friday, November 21, 2008

Lucky Me!

My husband Michael finished the prototype of my travelling loom bench. This prototype is made from unfinished pine; the final product will be made from hardwood and will be finished to match Lily Louet. This is a working model; and work it does! The bench is 41” long and has a seat that moves on bearings for 35”. The seat is set at a 15 degree angle and overlaps the front of the bench with a rounded edge to help me to sit forward and straight.

The angle on the seat stops that annoying tendency to have your legs go numb after hours at the loom. The seat movement allows me to sit directly over my farthest treadles, which due to my lack of height were a tremendous stretch for me. The bench will have a fairly deep storage box for all those little tools and will have handles on the front to allow me to scoot the bench forward after I’m seated. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the weather warms up before I’ll get the final product as my husband Michael does all his woodwork in the carport and it’s too darn cold to work out there now (first few snowflakes today!) The prototype may not look pretty but she will do the trick until Spring….

I have decided to change my masthead and have chosen a photo of a scarf I wove for my daughter using Italian ribbon and Orlec. I wove the scarf in straight twill on 4 Shafts, but because of the bumps in the ribbon I achieved a lovely undulating effect.


Susan said...

Hey! Nice bench.. it doesn't look too far different from mine and I like the angled seat. He's a keeper for sure! With my bad back issues, having an angled seat is a life saver! I just put couch coasters under my back leg posts.

The scarf is simply lovely. Love the undulating effect! Looking forward to seeing her copper scarf sometime...

I thought the promised rain deluge here, might turn to snow there. Sorry 'bout that....I did try my best!


Peg in South Carolina said...

I like the new masthead. DH made a prototype?! I guess woodworkers need to sample also.....(grin!)

Anonymous said...

I love your bench! I wish my husband had those wood working skills.

Unknown said...
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