Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flying Fibers!

The secretive Flying Fibre also known as the Common Dust Bunny hides during the day under looms and in paper rolls as they fall from the warp. At night these little fibre balls run amok through the house and populate wildly under beds and sofas…..here are a few that I found under Lily Louet!
I see Dust Bunnies as a good thing; it’s a clear signal that I’m working often at the loom; of course, anywhere else in the house I’m not so keen on seeing them!

Like a lot of Weavers I came upon weaving as a way to utilize my handspun fibre. As a break from weaving I love to sit at my Lendrum wheel and just feel the fibre run through my fingers. Here’s a peek at my current spinning project.

I had white and blue merino sliver in my stash and found them a bit uninspiring; a blend would be the way to go; so, at the recent Ponderosa Weavers Guild Spin In, in Kelowna I purchased a lovely grass green sliver that I knew would liven up the other two colours.
I pulled 12” sections from the green sliver and fanned it open; in each section I placed a small amount of the white and blue wool. I then rolled the green sliver around its filling and made little snails.
I think that they look very lovely as they wait for spinning, and are looking exciting as a spun single too.


Susan said...

I really like the way the blue and white perked up the green fleece!
Fresh and I'm sure more interesting to spin.

That's not a dust bunny....in my old (English) home when I was a kid, we called that a collywobble!
The breed in the corners and have been known to crawl up a pant leg as they move room to room.
Larger versions were used on the old Star Trek series as Tribbles.

Good luck...
:) Susan

Peg in South Carolina said...

What a great idea for blending colors without a drum carder. I have spun with two or three different colors before but have not prepared them the way you have. I simply drew them out thinly and held them next to each other. I think I like your way better. And yes, I do love to spin just to spin. It just feels good.