Monday, April 4, 2022

Tea Towels Redo

The 2/8 cotton finally arrived from Quebec so I can get started on the tea towel commission I received.  I originally wove the tea towels in October and I enjoyed weaving them so I’m excited to redo them (here is the blog post).  

The tea towels have seven different colours in the warp and there are a lot of colour changes making the stripes.  So I pulled the warp in four sections to help keep everything in order.  

The tea towels are lime green with wide ribbons of colour running the length of the warp.  The colours in the ribbons are purple, lilac, pink, periwinkle, turquoise and white.  I know, it sounds busy, but this is really a pretty weave.

The pattern is twill and the weft is navy blue cotton.  The colours of the warp really pop against the navy blue weft.  I wove four tea towels in total, all with the navy blue weft.  

For finishing the tea towels I like to use the sewing machine to stabilize the raw hems before placing the tea towels into the washing machine and dryer.  

I clip the weft ends before the first pressing of the tea towels.  I do another final press once the hems are stitched up.  Sorry for the yellow photo, I had to have the lights on because we are having lots of April showers this week; hopefully they will bring lots of May flowers.

The tea towels are almost done, they just need to be hemmed and I can take some photos for the listing.

Final Garden Photo is an update on the spring bulb lasagna pot.  It is absolutely heaving with ‘Tete a Tete’ miniature daffodils and purple violas.  The tulips are almost ready to bloom in a day to two.  Overall the lasagne planting of the spring bulbs has been successful and the pot has been a lovely addition to the garden.  We have it front and centre on the patio and it makes the back garden pop!

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