Monday, April 11, 2022

Tartan Tea Towels on Four

Last week we received a lovely big box of colour from Maurice Brassard et fils.  Opening the box is such an exciting moment.

Once I get the tubes of cotton out of the box, the ideas for weaving projects seem to pop into my head, so many possibilities.

Before I put the new tubes of cotton away, I take the time to use a Sharpie and colour the top of each of the tubes.  I choose a new colour each cotton order.  This allows me to make sure that I’m using the same dye lot when I weave a project.

Why take the time to colour each tube you well may ask.  The marine blue cottons in the photo below are all the same colour, but from different dye lots.  There is a very noticeable difference in them ,sorry if the photo doesn’t show it well, but trust me they are very, very different!  If put side by side in a weave it would be a disaster.  Yup, learned this the hard way!

Now that the cottons are all here I thought I’d make some plaid tea towels.  Well not just plaid, but tartan tea towels.  This is the warp for the Cunningham Blue (Dance) pattern as found in the Scottish Registry.  I chose this particular pattern as one of my husbands great, greats was a Cunningham, so a perfect place to start. 

And the other part of the pattern.

Now that I have one full pattern repeat done, I’m stoked!  It is so very bold and lovely, I can't wait to see the final tea towels.

The garden here in Comox is really slow to start this year, it has been cold and down island from us actually had SNOW yesterday.  Glad we dodged that weather system.  Here is the lovely Violette odorante 'Sweet Violet' just starting to bloom in the wet garden, it is so charming and smells like heaven!

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Peg Cherre said...

The colors of your new yarns are YUMMY!!