Monday, August 12, 2019

What was I thinking?!

My last two hand dyed warps are doozies but I’m going to get them woven.  This time I'm weaving the final dyed Tencel warp; this is going to be my last Tencel warp for the rest of the year.  The warp started as Lemon Drop Yellow then I dyed it with splatters of brown, red, green and little hints of blue.  The warp isn’t something that I would usually do, I’m more of a pretty and cheerful kinda girl, and I’m not even sure why I went with brown.
It was a really challenging warp.  I wasn’t sure if I should find a pattern first or a weft colour.  I looked for a pattern but nothing looked good so I pulled out all the Tencel bins so I could look at what colours could go with this warp.  The autumnal colours seemed to be the most promising so I went with a favourite pattern; a network twill that looks a little leaf like.
For the weft I tried two shades of red brown – Spice and Pompeii, antique gold (which is a really weird colour, gold with lots of lime green in it), taupe and a hunter green.  The red browns had some promise.

The second set of weft choices were a lighter pinky brown - Adobe, yellow, orange, the darker of the red browns from last time - Pompeii and slate grey.  I think that Pompeii, the red brown is the winner but that pattern isn’t going to work.
The small splashes of colours in the warp are really breaking up the pattern so it was hard to see.  I decided to change the pattern to something that would show the warp to its best advantage.
The new pattern is a 6 shaft twill in a diamond shape.  One side is warp dominant and the other side is weft dominant.
The Pompeii weft really shows off the soft yellow in the pattern.
I think that this scarf is going to be much prettier than I thought!
Final Garden Shot is of our Persian Silk Tree, it is blooming with lovely fluffy pink clouds of blossoms!  It is also called a Mimosa tree or my favourite the Sleeping tree (Albizia julibrissin).  It is called Sleeping tree because it will close it leaves during the night, so cute!

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