Monday, March 17, 2014

Finishing the Rainbow Scarves

What I have learned about fringes is that when I first started weaving scarves I always twizzled the fringe first before I washed the scarf.  But I found that I had to go back and fix the knots in the fringe because they had moved/shrunk differently.  It was really noticeable in scarves that had different fibres but also the shrinkage is different between the two different manufacturers of Tencel. 

So now I lightly braid the fringe and then wash the scarf.  When I hang up the scarf to dry I undo the braid so that the threads will dry smoothly.
The next step in finishing is twizzling the fringe.  I use a quilters cutting board and use heavy cookbooks to weigh down both ends of the scarf.  This is the time to even up the length of the fringe because it does make a difference on the tightness of the twist if you start with different lengths.   The fringe is then separated into the segmented bouts for easier twisting.  I don’t knot the fringe until I have twisted every bout.  Twizzling the fringe can move the scarf out for under the cookbooks so I even up the scarf again before I knot the fringe.
Now it is time for the beauty shots. 
Lots of tiny dots like rain drops in a rainbow.  For Sale
Lines of diagonal squares make for a striking scarf.  If you would like this scarf just email me through my Etsy Shop - WovenBeauty - and I'll set up a listing for you. 

These are subtle scarves that are suitable for both men and women.  I absolutely love both patterns but I am not sure about the black lines between the colours, it makes the scarves really dark.  If I do rainbow coloured scarves again I wouldn't put anything between the colours, just embrace the brash colourfulness!


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I really like the black stripes - I think they look very dramatic. I also think they make the scarf a little more masculine. I've just discovered your blog, and I'm going back to the beginning to read all the entries.

Anna C Warren said...

I've never heard the term grizzled fringe before, is it different from twisted fringe?

Lynnette said...

Hi Anna,
Twizzling is just another way of saying comes from using a twizzle stick to stir a cocktail and who doesn't love a cocktail?