Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unexpected Echo

We’ve changed the name of our Etsy shop today and have chosen to call it Woven Beauty to better describe our scarves. Today we were featured in our ninth Treasury so that means that we are finally being found on that humongous site!  Still waiting for our first sale though....sigh....

Here’s the link if you want to check out our Woven Shibori Scarf in the latest.
The final scarf to come off the blue and green Echo Weave warp and it is not at all what I expected.
I rarely, hmmmm that would be never ~ choose to weave a scarf with a white weft, but this time the white 2/8 Tencel seemed to beckon.
I was more than a little amazed at the result! This scarf was treadled exactly the same as the last one, just the colour of the weft has changed from coral to white, but the result is astonishingly different.
The Tencel and the rather close sett that Echo Weave needs brings a high lustrous sheen to the scarf. The missing piece to the weave structure is the split complementary weft colour; so there are no unexpected colours coming through as the warp and weft interact. On the last scarf I got turquoise from the blue/green/coral combination!
What I do have ~ besides a whole bunch of pretty! ~ is a scarf that is predominately white on one side with a green motif at each selvedge and a larger blue motif running down the centre. These strong motifs were not really noticeable on the other two scarves, but are front and centre on this one!
The other side of the scarf appears more azure blue with white motifs running down the selvedges and a darker blue/green centre panel. As I said, it was a completely unexpected bonus feature!

I’ve been glued to the PVR every evening watching Le Tour de France and I’ve been knitting madly as they race over the flats and slog up the mountains.
This is the pattern I’m weaving. I chose something pretty simple because frankly, my attention has been on the screen not on my knitting!
I purchased the wool in New Zealand on my last visit and thought it was time to use it. Unfortunately I’ve been plucking all sorts of short cuts of wool from between the ply as I’ve been knitting. Ending up with a ¼ cup at the end of a session is not unusual…..and a real pain in the butt!
I have finished the back and both front sides…..
The cardigan is basically plain stocking stitch with these funky little rows at the collar to add interest.
We’ve still got a week of watching ‘The Boys’ and I started the sleeves tonight!


Alida said...

Beautiful scarf!
greatings from Alida

Susan said...

Well, know I know why I haven't heard from you lately! :) I had forgotten how long that race is!

The scarf is amazing colour wise! It brings out so much more pattern over the normal colour version. Echo weave is a constant surprise...

The vest is lovely but nubs and second cuts are a pain. Do you think there might be pilling later on? Hope not...


charlotte said...

These scarfs are just so lovely! Wish you a great weekend!