Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Last of the Hand Dyed Warps Part 2

This warp has been trouble from the start - I have had to unweave, re thread and re tie up twice and now I don’t have enough soft green Orlec for the weft!  I knew that it was going to be close but the scarf is just a little more than halfway done and this is all the weft I have left, it's just a little too short!
In the warp I used the soft green and a soft blue to lighten up the slate grey cotton and there is a tiny ball of the blue Orlec left that I ended up using to extend the scarf.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to add the blue to the scarf but Mum came up with a great idea to weave bands of colour in a Fibonacci sequence.
I was just able to finish the scarf to the length that we like, which is the aviator length of 70 inches.   There was barely anything left on the pirns when I was finished ~ talk about cutting it close!
The colour blocking of the Fibonacci sequence really added interest to the scarf.  It is a lovely spring weight scarf and it is really, really beautiful in both feel and colour.
The second scarf wove up really fast; there were no issues which made it a nice relief to weave.  It is a completely different treadling that looks like interlocking diamonds climbing up the scarf.  The weft is a soft lilac Orlec.  And that little nest of  slate grey cotton on the side is all that I have left of the hand dyed skein.
The two scarves look really different from each other and I really like adding Orlec to cotton for scarves; it adds a lovely shine and it isn’t too heavy weight wise.
I am happy to say that we have used up all the hand dyed cotton warps, they were a little intimidating to work with but the end most of the results are just fantastic.  I think that we will be dyeing some more warps in the summer, maybe some silk. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynnette,
I enjoyed finding your blog today. I have a question not related to your post. I just received a Norwegian countermarche loom that looks much like the one you showed in a post in 2008. I was wondering if you might have other photos of your loom? I received this one in pieces without instructions and am having a hard time finding instructions since it is so old. I would really appreciate any help :O) Sandra