Thursday, June 28, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

I’ve been very diligent at choosing projects to weave from my stash and frankly I’m due for a reward because I really have been stash busting! Webs online, was having their anniversary sale, so I broke down and placed an order a few weeks ago. Some of my colour choices were back ordered, so it took awhile, but here they are!

 I ordered large cones of aqua marine, black, blue ming, mineral green, natural, navy, pompeii and taupe. My photo just doesn’t do it justice!

As a reward to myself for using up all the hand dyed cotton, I’ve put on a 3 scarf warp in tencel. My plan is to weave three variations of my original Echo weave that I did back in 2009. There are a few things that make a weave Echo Weave work:
*parallel threading

*alternating warp colours - two or more
*high sett density
*split complementary colour scheme
*parallel treadling

*no more than a 3 thread float
This scarf was woven with navy blue weft and so this is an analogous colour scheme. This means that the scarf isn’t a true Echo Weave because the colour-way should be a split complementary, but hey, rules are ment to be broken.

I’ve deviated yet again from a true Echo Weave by treadling this scarf point twill as you can clearly see on the selvedge. 
The scarf reads differently on each side, one side is dark blue and the other seems to be washed denim, which makes sense due to the similarity of the blue and green warp threads.
 The surprising thing is that there is also a taupe colour in the iridescence on the light side. On the dark side I swear I see khaki! Everything about this weave structure is amazing!
This is such a pretty scarf that I’ve decided it will be mine, mine, mine! I do love to wear what we call the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ a denim jacket with jeans…..and this will jazz mine up considerably.  OK, I really don't wear two denims exactly the same colour!


Cindie said...

Oh it will look great with your tuxedo - think it's the same as an Oregon one.

Thanks for the hints on colors for echo weave.

Ate said...

Der blaue Schal ist wirklich sehr schön! Lila wäre auch schön. Liebe Grüße von Ate

Anonymous said...

Lynette, what a powerful and beautiful scarf, it would look so nice with your "tuxedo" jacket. Love the weave structure.

Unknown said...

your scarf looks really great!!!