Friday, May 27, 2011

A Really Good Day

Yesterday was one of the best days! I received an email from a lady in Montana saying that she had just received her May/June Issue of Handwoven magazine and she saw me in it. Now that the issue is in circulation I can at last stop being a ‘secret squirrel’ about it – it was very, very hard not to say anything all these months! Later the same day I received the parcel from Handwoven returning the scarves along with a cheque and a lovely note from Madelyn Van Der Hoogt the editor; this day just keeps getting better! If you get Handwoven Magazine – yup that’s me on pages 46 and 47….and my article is titled ‘Spaced Warp with Leno’.

I wove these scarves last fall and submitted the idea to Handwoven and was thrilled when it was accepted. I wove two scarves for this article one in silk and one in bamboo. My idea was that you use a leno twist to hold the spaces in the warp and to prevent the warp threads from wandering– it sounds much more complicated than it is.

I wanted my first (and I hope not my only) submission to really look nice, so beading the fringe was essential. I’m really very happy with the way they turned out. Handwoven chose to feature the natural silk scarf, but personally the lilac bamboo was my favourite, its' the colour that really gets me and the beading was a little more flash.

Then, as the final cherry on top Michael and I went out and bought our tickets for our September holiday. We will be spending three weeks in France and I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to the adventure. I feel that I’ve spent the last week online getting our accommodation and car organized, but it seems that the best airfare was eluding me, so off to the travel agent we went.We have booked an apartment in Paris for a week in the Montmartre a minute from the Moulon Rouge. I'm jumping the gun on this one a bit because I haven't confirmed the booking, but I'm pretty confident as the owner has agreed. Today the Paris apartment was confirmed - now I'm really getting excited!This is our gîte (a self-catering holiday home) in The Dordogne region, this one is confirmed and paid. It is in a tiny medeval village and we have it for a week.Then a few hours south east and we have our gîte in The Languedoc region for another week. This time we chose to be in the centre of a small town and right next door to the village church, it's going to be great! Then one night in a Paris hotel near the airport, then home on October 2. I can foresee some excellent wine and cheese in my future!

Now for the big question – are there any special weaving sights I should be sure to take in? If you have been to any of these regions and know of hidden fibre related gems, please, please let me know about them. We will have a car for the last two weeks and so we will be able to mosey along at our own speed and hopefully get a lovely feel for these regions of France.

Our weather continues to be unpleasant to say the least, we are having the coldest spring in fifty years according to the news and today there was 20 centimeters of wet snow dumped on the surrounding high hills. Fingers crossed for some warm weather!


Susan said...

Its great to be able to share the good news! Congratulations!
Its been hard at my end too listening to the project details and waiting along with you for the magazine delivery!

The France trip sounds like a slice of heaven and if hubby misbehaves, I'll happily fill his shoes!

You must be floating on air!

Deanna said...

Congratulations, Lynnette!

I have a dear friend who lives in Paris and is a weaver. I'll see if I can get you two connected - she'll probably have lots of good suggestions. What a lovely vacation you have planned!

ladyoftheloom said...

Yes! Lynnette, I was reading my new HW last night and realized the silk leno scarf was yours! Even though we have never met as I read your bio I realized you were you and I was reading about your project. Very special!

I know nothing about France other than I would love to go there.

Cindie said...

How exciting about your article in Handwoven and your upcoming trip. I hadn't had time to look at the mag yet so I quickly found it and sat down to read your article. Great job!

Judy said...


KarenA said...

There is a fabulous museum in Lyon on textiles. They even have little miniature models of the jacquard looms that were used to produce all the French brocades.

Lynn in Tucson said...

Sounds like a great trip! Both the Dordogne and the Languedoc are beautiful. I don't know of anything weaving-specific, but we did stumble upon an artisan paper maker outside Angouleme, if I remember correctly (they also have a really cool comic book museum!). The caves at Les Eyzies-Tayac are wonderful (and there are lots of nice walking routes in the area).

Be sure to see's tiny but beautiful. If you want to share your route I'll be happy to bore you with more suggestions.

Jabberwarpy said...

Many congrats!! WooHoo!

Unknown said...

I got my Handwove today (I am living in Switzerland / Europe)
I love your scarves! Great idea!
I also like the cardbord "comberboard" and will remember this trick for other projects.

bspinner said...

I looked at the scarves in Handwoven but never checked out who made them. I can't believe it. They are lovely!!!! Congratulations!!!!

I'm sure you'll love France. My cousin and her DH spent six months last summer there and loved it.

dorothylochmaben said...

Hi There - handwoven arrived today and many congratulations on having your project accepted. Great to know someone who is in Handwoven !!!

The French trip sounds wonderful and you already have some great suggestions for weaving things to do !


Lynn Majidimehr said...