Monday, August 23, 2010

Crackle Weave Placemats

Seems that August is flying by and I’ve little to show for it! I have finally started weaving on my sunflower placemats after a really shaky start. I had a complete brain fart while I was planning and put the warp on the wrong way!I made the warp 20 inches wide and was weaving 14 inches long! This would have made the placemats have the fringe on the top and bottom rather than on the right and left of the placemat. So I had to turn the draft and rewarp the loom….Here is the start of the first placemat; it really doesn’t look like much from this angle. I've had to use a temple to keep the edges even as this pattern seems to want to draw in substantially.From this angle you can see the start of the sunflower or sunburst pattern developing. This is an interesting weave because there is no pattern repeat; I’m actually weaving a picture of sorts, so there is no repeat, just 309 unique picks.
Here is the draft I'm using, these placemats seem to be quite quick to weave, so hopefully I'll get them done poste haste.
I received an unexpected gift in the mail the other day from Ann Maxvill in Montana, one of the GCW scarf exchange participants.
Ann wove this book mark in very fine variegated yarn and dropped in a washer part way though; she then stabelized the washer by needle weaving through the centre hole to ensure that it didn't move and then allowed the yarn to find it's own level around the washer. Great idea eh?
There always seems to be things to keep me off loom in the summer. Imagine how nice a bowl of these local peaches is going to be in November with a dollop of yoghurt! The jams are pure peach and a peach and mango blend……yummy doesn’t begin to cover it! Now I hear the tomatoes calling me. I went to the Art of Yarn in Kelowna a couple of days ago, and needless to say, couldn’t walk out the door without something. I was completely gob smacked by this amazing sock yarn from Germany. The purples fading through pink to orange had me as soon as I saw them!


Susan said...

The washer in the middle of the book mark looks like an eye.... so keeping an eye on your spot in the book! Clever....

Beautiful preserves...just love the golden colours. Just like you have bottled up the sunshine.

The placemats are going to be stunning! What patience you have to work a treadling like that.


Loree Jackson said...

Wow, that sunflower pattern is very cool! Without repeats, it's almost like a tapestry of sorts.

dorothylochmaben said...

Hi there - you say you haven't got much to show for your summer but look at all those jars of jam, there must be enough for a year !! It must also have taken you a while to work out that draft on PCW ! I'll bet nobody is allowed to talk to you in the middle of the 309 picks !! The result looks great though and the mats will be a great talking point !