Monday, November 2, 2009

Canvas Weave for Eight Shafts and Knitted Seed Bead Amulets

Finally, I'm weaving again, seems like I was forever cleaning off the looms after my Studio workshop! Since then I have been working on developing an 8 shaft Canvas Weave block pattern. For this scarf I have used 2/18 navy Merino Wool, very fine and light weight for the warp and 2/8 azure Tencel for the weft. The contrasting colours showcase the pattern nicely.The Canvas Weave Lace blocks are alternating with Basket Weave blocks and although this is a weft dominant weave, it should still have plenty of movement and drape due to the lacey nature of the weave. There are some very evident reed marks showing at this stage, but I believe the wool shrinkage will minimize them – well, that’s the plan anyway! Fingers crossed! I’m hoping for some interesting shrinkage too.Ngaire and I are getting ready for the Ponderosa Guild Christmas Sale on Nov 13-15 in the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna and today while out shopping Ngaire spotted this nifty display stand for my smallest items for sale.This tiny purse is gold seed beads knitted on gold cotton thread and is still under construction; you can see they are little more than 2 inches by 2 inches. So sweet!My friend Susan taught me how to make them on her visit here in September; and after modifying the pattern to make it unique – these are my results so far. I have knitted 1512 seed beads into each tiny purse and have then added more beads on the fringe. The purse above is red #8 perle cotton with clear steel grey seed beads.This one is black cotton and clear dark pink seed beads.Black cotton again, but this time with clear seed beads with bronze centres.Here is grey cotton with blue/green clear seed beads.And finally grey cotton with clear dark pink seed beads. I have been using Japanese seed beads as they are very uniform in size and very sparkly!
Now the stand looks dressed! I'm still not sure about the base though. To fill or not to fill the slight cup in the bottom? A strand of silver beads to mirror the cut glass ball on top or clear flat glass marbles? Still working on that part - after all presentation is everything!


Life Looms Large said...

It's great to see you using that fine wool. I just brought some similar wool home and was wondering how people use it. Mine is still marinating though.

Those little beaded bags are so cool! It seems like they must take a while to make, but you've made a lot of maybe not.

I love the little display stand!


Susan said...

I thought the stand was a full sized coat stand until I saw the little bags hanging on it, then the light finally dawned! (DUH!)

Your little bags are beautiful. I think my favourite is the steel grey and pink beads. Nice combo!
They are fun to make aren't they?
I still putter making them from time to time. My all time best effort was 2003 when we were under going renovations due to the laundry tub overflow and I could not get near my looms for 3 months. I made 50 of them. They kept me sane during endless trades people and insurance adjusters! I did take a looong break after that!

Your canvas block weave project is an interesting experiment. Looking forward to seeing how this works out!


Delighted Hands said...

The scarf is very pretty-I like the detail of the blocks.

I have knitted several of the coin purses-yours are beautiful! The stand will really show them off!

bspinner said...

The scarf you're weaving is so pretty. Love the color and pattern!

I can not imagine knitting with such small beads. They are beautiful!!!!!

Great display.

Melissa said...

Lovely bags! My two cents on the display is that the silver beads distract the eye from your beautiful work. If I were doing it, I would be tempted to puddle a dark colored silk scarf down there. But either empty, or something dark colored in a non-shiny texture so you don't distract from the star feature.

Advice worth exactly what you paid for it. :)

India said...

I agree with Susan, I also thought it was a full sized stand until you showed it with the most wonderful bags i have ever seen hanging in it. And then I had to start thinking about the sice of the bags, how big/small are they in cm, around 6 or something. It is very small. Just fantastic.

charlotte said...

The purses are beautiful! I like the weave structure of the scarves, I have never seen this before, and I look forward to see the result.

Deanna said...

The little bags are so lovely, and the display stand is just perfect. Good call, Ngaire!

Theresa said...

Love the scarf and the weave structure. It will be interesting to see how it finishes out! And who wouldn't want one of those pretty sparkly little beaded bags???