Monday, November 9, 2009

Canvas Weave Block Pattern

Today I pulled the Canvas and Basket Weave Block Scarf off the loom and it’s quite lovely. These photos are before washing or finishing.I feared that the scarf could be a bit stiff because it is slightly weft faced, but to my pleasant surprise it has wonderful drape. Before washing the dimensions are 8-1/2” by 70” plus fringe. I will be tossing it in the washing machine today and have hopes for some differential shrinkage…… Got to wait until the fringe is finished to see if that happens.As soon as Lily Louet was empty, I warped her right back up. This warp is slated for two eight shaft Network Twill scarves. Here the warp is on the Spring loom’s built in raddle, (I love this about the Louet looms). I have sleyed the scarf for 24 epi, so that translated to 4 groups of 6 ends then an open dent. My plan was to start with light blue on one side and to end with green on the other selvedge. I pulled out all my Tencel in those colours and have come up with this final result. Silver was my starting place which then blends into sky blue, which blends into azure which finally blends into blueberry. The colour changes to the green range starting with a grayed teal which blends into mineral green which blends into pale green. The result is light selvedges and a darker center.
My goal is to weave two scarves, one with navy Tencel weft, the colour of the second weft is still to be decided. I’ll just have to wait and see where the colour muse guides me.I’ve been having photo problems for some time now, and rather than blame my lack of skill, I blame the computer! So after listening to me moan for a bit Michael bought this baby! No excuses now for grainy photos….well, maybe it’s the camera! I think that I’ll start my Christmas wish list now! Remembrance Day is on Wednesday and my mind is on family. During the summer my brother went to the UK with his wife for her daughters’ wedding, a very happy occasion.
Bob and Joan went to the Canadian section of the Harrowgate Cemetery in Yorkshire called Stonefall where my Uncle Lawrence is buried after being shot down May 23, 1944. While there my brother put 600 small Canadian flags on the graves of each Canadian buried there, a rather lovely gesture I think. I would love to have a UK style paper poppy pin to go with the photos of the Memorial my brother took, so if any of my readers are from the UK and would agree to send one or two, I’d be most grateful. Please contact me at


Life Looms Large said...

A beautiful scarf off the loom, and a lovely color combination back on!! Good job!!

Photoshop! Yay!! (Even though I find it one of the hardest to use programs ever...but editing photos is great!)


Delighted Hands said...

The scarf is irrisdescent-just beautiful. I LOVE the new colors on the warp-look forward to what you design!

Benita said...

I love the shimmer in the scarf! Can't wait to see it after it has been finished.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Ditto on the shimmer. And your next project looks like it's going to be another winner.

bspinner said...

Beautiful scarves. I can't wait to see the new onces.

Susan said...

I love the canvas weave! I'm looking forward to seeing it in person at Christmas (possibly) I like thr shading in your next warp. Subtle and elegant.

I hope you have a great sale and sell lots!