Monday, June 8, 2020

Cotolin Tea Towels on Eleven

I’m still plodding along with my “Sunny Day’ tea towels and I’m currently weaving towel number five.
I have really jumped into the spring theme and I’ve taken the plunge into pink.  I rarely use pink, but for some reason, right now, they feel very optimistic.

As always my goal is to  use partial tubes of yarn for the weft whenever possible.  To that end, I’ve been weighing each tube before and after weaving; and this is when weighing in grams is a real benefit.  I have found that each tea towel uses exactly 59 grams of Borg’s cotolin for a yard long tea towel.
So far I’ve woven two tea towels (above) using what I originally called salmon and now I’m changing to quince to keep with the spring botanical theme.
I have woven one in pink lilac and it is extremely light lilac.
This one is in a very pale apple blossom pink, a real girly and sweet pink.
This one is in true lilac and I have exactly 59 grams left on the tube after weaving this tea towel, so, if I’m very brave and trust my math, I may pull on my big girl pants and use this instead of the pink lilac for my last tea towel, which has a much safer amount left on the tube.

I will admit that although I’m slow at weaving these tea towels they have been an extremely satisfying weave ~ I don’t have to concentrate too much with the treadling and the pattern really appeals to me. I will definitely use this pattern again, perhaps for a scarf or shawl.

I almost forgot to show you the beauty photos of the 8 Shaft Frond pattern shawl that I took off the loom last month.  This shawl turned out just wonderfully light and supple; and since I’m a bit of a magpie and drawn to shiny things, it fills that role too.
Today’s garden shot is the Phlomis russeliana or Turkish sage. The flowers on the bottom tier are just beginning to open.  This plant makes these lovely little rosettes of flowers all the way around the stem and then the stem starts growing out of the centre of the blossoms and does it all again making three or four tiers of petty yellow flowers.

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