Monday, October 14, 2019

Diversified Plain Weave Music Notes Scarf

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

I wanted to use up the last little bits of chenille in the stash; I had some white chenille on a cone, the last little bit of the creamy white chenille on a tube and the last of the black chenille on a cone.  Looking at the empty cones at the bottom of the warping board, I think that I did a pretty good job of using everything!
For Diversified Plain Weave there is one thick thread for every two thin threads.  I used the chenille as the thick thread and 2/20 cotton/Tencel as the thin threads.
I drafted this music note motif myself, if you would like to know how I did it here is a drafting tutorial blog that I did this spring.  I used a cross stitch pattern to help with the shaping of the musical notes.  I think it looks pretty looks cute!
I don’t know what I was thinking about but I decided to look at musical notes on sheet music to see if mine look correct.  Well, they look different from what I had drafted not a lot different but enough that it bugged me.  I had already woven 14 inches of the scarf but now that I knew what the notes should look like I had to change.  Now looking back at the double note it looks like the symbol for pi!
So, I carefully unwove the scarf, I was taking a big chance with the chenille, it could have frayed apart, but luck was with me.  I fixed the pattern and I had to rethread adding more shafts and retying up my treadles.
I also took the opportunity to change some of the threads.  At the edge of the black borders I had placed two thin white threads next to the black chenille.  It added a harsh white line next to the black edge so I changed to two thin black threads and I think it is a much cleaner edge.
I started weaving with the new threading and I got the second pick of the motif and I could tell that I had made a mistake with the threading.  So I unwoven about 6 inches and fixed my threading error, yet again.
So for the third time I wove the first motif and yes it is finally right and I can go ahead and weave the rest of the scarf!
Final Garden Shot is a dwarf goat’s beard (Aruncus aethusifolius) the fall colour of this perennial is spectacular!

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Susan said...

Well, it seems the third times the charm! These are delightful and clearly musical notes. So everyone who has one of your piano scarves will now want one of these!

🎶 Susan 🎵