Monday, September 16, 2019

Leftover Handwoven Fabric

A number of years ago I took part in a handwoven card exchange and I wove this really lovely twill heart design using ruby and black tencel.  I’ve had a fairly long piece sitting in the bottom of my fabric box since then, as I wove far too much, and this week I decided to do something with it.
I had enough to make three small drawstring bags by cutting pieces 10 inches wide by 17 inches long which were folded in half and pinned.
I did the same with lining; I want a fully lined bag.
Ironing the seams did prove a bit difficult, but my handy dandy point presser helped.
I want these small bags to stand up, so I seamed the corners to give them a flat bottom.  I had a terrible time trying to see my seam line marks on this dark fabric.  My solution was to put painters tape where I should sew.  Odd I know, but it worked.
I did the same with the lining.  To make sure my seams were the same size, I used a little triangle template I made from a post it note.  I pinned it to the fabric lining up the sides and bottom and ran the painters tape along the top edge.
It turned out really well.
I put the lining inside the pouch, right sides together and pinned, matching the seams.
After sewing them together I ‘bagged it out’ or turned one inside the other through a small opening in the lining which I hand sewed closed later.
I top stitched as close to the seam as I could, then to make the channel for the cord I sewed a seam 1 1/2 inches from the top and then another seam 3/8 inch below that.
I used three strands 4/6 black yarn twisted together to make the draw strings.
These turned out exactly as I hoped, I’m really chuffed!

I’ve decided to finish up with the pie we made today.  It is apple and green tomato mincemeat.  The mincemeat was made from the tomatoes in my garden and is super yummm. The little hearts are sprinkled with sanding sugar for crunch.

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Susan said...

I left a comment a few days ago.... don't know where it went to!

These little pouches / purses are so sweet! Wonderful use of handwoven, and nicely detailed with a lovely liner.

I should have paid closer attention in sewing classes years ago!