Monday, April 1, 2019

What a Week

We have decided to paint the entire interior of our house and being complete DIYers we are all getting stuck in.  First we are washing the walls.
Then painting walls ~ is a huge task with taping, removing all the lights and pictures and filling all the holes.
The joys of painting the trim ~ I know I'm a bit, hmmm, over the top, but you've gotta get the small brushes out!
Oh joy, washing the hardwoods ~ Now that the walls are done, the floors looked in dire straits.  I have just discovered Dr. Bronner castile soap and it works amazingly.  You’ve got to love a product that you can use to wash your face, wash your laundry, use as insecticidal soap in your garden and wash your floors!  It did an amazing job, you've just got to ignore the inspirational quotes on the label.  What I'm not showing you is that after each room is completed I pull out all the decor and give each room a bit of a renew.  Needless to say my family is getting pretty tired of it all. 
We are having beautiful weather, so I've gotta get outside in between bouts of painting.  Here I'm Spring pruning the Weigela.
Obviously I don't know how to quit, so I got a bee in my bonnet and cleaned out the garden shed and put out the lawn furniture.
Pulling weeds ~ that never ending task.
Knitting toe up socks ~ but only in the evening.
And not getting to the loom at all, this is one of the first times this year that I haven't come close to the loom.
My garden shot is Poncirus trifoliata monstrosa (Flying Dragon Citrus) with its blossoms just forming, who knew I could get an orange in my Vancouver Island garden!


karensspinzen said...

Wow! Impressive!

Susan said...

Huge job but so satisfying when all done!
Well done....