Monday, December 25, 2017

Hand Dyed Silk Goose Eye Blanket Scarf

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All

This project started by pulling out the hand dyed silk bin and rummaging around and a large skein of a thick nubbly singles dyed blue was found.  I was not sure how much yardage there was so I just pulled a warp and then planned a project around the number of ends that I had.
The scarf ended up being quite wide, the finish width is 12 inches, more of a blanket scarf or narrow shawl.  I wanted to play up the fact that it was wide by using a large scale pattern.  I used a simple goose eye twill and the weft is silver Tencel.
The pattern allows the variegation of the warp to really pop.
This scarf has a wonderful graphic punch to it.
The drape on this scarf/shawlette is just wonderful.  For Sale.


Susan said...

What a lovely shawl / scarf / wrap! The blue silk is lovely and the goose eye twill is a classic.
Sometimes going to a simple design is the answer....

Alex McConnell said...

Lovely work. What is the tape you have pinned to the left edge of the scarf?

Lynnette said...

Hi Alex,
The tape pinned to the side of the weaving is a measured piece of ribbon that keeps track of the amount woven. This is really useful when you are weaving more than one item on the same warp or when you want to put a feature equidistant on each end.

Kim said...

What a lovely weaving!