Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tartan Begun ~ Pinwheel Tea Towels Finished

Sadly I’ve not progressed very far with my tartan weaving.  I seem to be dragging my heels and I’m blaming the fact that we finally have warm sunny weather, so my garden beckons!

It took me three sessions to pull the warp ~ yup three days!   Then a full day to get the warp beamed another three sessions (days) to dress the loom, definitely heel dragging!
I’ve got the 8 yard warp tied to the breast beam and I’m ready to start, but…..darn the sun is shining again!
Way, way back in November I wove some Pinwheel tea towels and had some amazing problems with the warp.  I finished them in November but just tossed them into the finishing basket until I could get over my snit!
 This week I pulled them out, pressed them up and finished them ~ and frankly they are stunners!  I was worried that you wouldn't be able to see the tiny pinwheels with the 2/16 cotton, but they show through beautifully.
There is definitely a right and a wrong side with pinwheels on the right side and a darker warp band on the back side.

My husband has just extended the pergola that he built last year in the back garden and I’ve already got pots hanging!  I’ve decided to maximize our tiny back garden by vertical gardening and have put cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries in the pots. Fingers crossed it works!
I’ve just bought this amazing golden hop to plant up one of the vertical posts and hopefully it will cover most of the pergola and fill out the garden as we wait for all the small shrubs and perennials to grow; apparently it will grow 6 inches a day ~ and that's just what we need while we wait for the clematis to grow.
The bleeding heart is looking it's best this week.


Susan said...

It was wonderful to see the work on the looms and your gardens "in person" today! Its all looking grand!

Somehow being around other weavers seems to generate inspiration! Thanks for having us to visit.

Susan ( and Bruce)

Joanna said...

Oh Lynette, are you really sure about that hop vine? They die back to the ground every winter, leaving a mass of dead vine, since they sprout anew from the ground. They are also very scratchy and rough, so pulling the dead stuff is a misery. The shoots are nice steamed, though.

Your weaving is always beautiful and that tartan will be a knockout.