Friday, October 19, 2012

One Wild Week

This was a very hectic week around here….and of course it was the weaving time that took the brunt of the time crunch. 
I did manage to get the first of the three table runners woven and I’m really happy with the result. This is the end of the runner with the 3 inches of border showing for the hem.
The black and ecru are a classic combination for a very good reason, it just looks great and I can’t wait to weave variation #2, the diamonds in two sizes that Ngaire developed and wove - shown below.  My runner will be longer, narrower, have no fringe and be in a different colour with an ecru border....the same, but different!
My excuse for not weaving is that; ( I feel like a kid and it’s the old ‘my dog ate my homework’ trick), my husband Michael got called on Tuesday and had knee surgery on Wednesday! We had just a few hours to: move the freezer, clean the garage, winterize the fig trees, put away the garden furniture and buy a TV and set it up in the master suite…..a very busy afternoon. The next morning we received a call and his 2 pm surgery was moved to 10 am, so we were doubly glad that we didn’t leave any of the tasks for another day!

His surgery went very well and he’s happily ensconced in his ‘big blue lazyboy chair’ while his favourite CBC radio program plays.  Yup, he's in the same situation as Susan at Thrums husband Bruce, right down to the same knee!

Oh, one more thing he got done on Tuesday was that he mounted my Leclerc Electric Bobbin winder which had been in storage since last October. We had been brainstorming like mad to think of the perfect spot for it and coming up blank, every spot was either in the way, not near an electric outlet, too high, too low...well you get the idea.  Then Michael wandered into the studio and spotted my Leclerc Holds All and it was one of those Eureka moments! It looks like it was made to fit there, and probably was, duhhhhh!
We have been having stunning weather around here and my geranium baskets are still looking pretty good, I'm going to leave them up until it's time to decorate for Halloween if they keep on blooming!
The white alyssum is still in bloom and the fragrance of honey is amazing as soon as you walk out the door, the front garden is looking pretty good and I am holding off on winterizing it too.
We pulled out the tomatoes last week, but we still have this great pot of chili peppers. The small ones are Thai hot peppers and the big ones are Spanish sweet peppers.
Amazingly they shared a pot and both did very well for not being in the ground.


Susan said...

Sounds like you are twins! Both our hubbies hobbling around and healing.
We had the luxury of knowing when Bruce's surgery was so did things at a more leisurely pace.

Your front garden was amazing this year... I'll be taking some tips from what you have there to reinvent our gardens. The deer came through last night and ate things down to nubs (again)

Another twin thing: I have snowflake twill on one of my looms right now too. Its such a classic!


karensspinzen said...

Those runners are gorgeous!!! Are they a 12 shaft pattern? Lovely!

Lynnette said...

Thanks so much, it's an 8 shaft pattern that can be found in The Strickler book 'A Weavers Book of Eight Shaft Patterns' from Interweave Press.

Alida said...

The table runners are lovely!

heather said...

lovely weaving as usual :) glad to hear your hubby is on the mend :)