Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swedish Drall Scarf

I did another Drall scarf on the same warp as the first, this time it is lemongrass green across the flaxen warp. I wanted the scarf to be quite different from the sienna coloured scarf, so I did different hemstitching. It was my first time using Italian hemstitching and it was quite easy to do.
I had a technical issue with this scarf though! There was a bobbin with some lemongrass green Tencel on it left over from another project so I used it to start the scarf. I used a boat shuttle then when the bobbin ran out I switched to a pirn and an end feed shuttle. I wove about 2 inches and the edges were noticeably different, there was much more draw in with the bobbin.
I had to unweave the portion that I had woven with the end feed shuttle. And I had to continue to weave the scarf with a boat shuttle. I wound the bobbin from the pirn because I have always wanted to know how much a pirn can hold and how much a bobbin can hold. I filled a very full bobbin; it was almost too full, it had problems moving in the boat shuttle. The bobbin held about ¾ of the weft on the pirn. Weaving went much better once I went back to the boat shuttle and I've learned to keep with the same shuttle through a project because there is difference between boat shuttles and end feed shuttles! Below is a picture of the scarf on the loom, the colours are not true.
Like last time I had some rules that I used to make sure that this scarf would look different from the sienna orange scarf. There are three basic units to weave, the outline lines, the squares and the background. The outline lines were two pattern repeats and the squares had to touch the outline lines. Again I followed no set pattern, I just wove what I liked for as long as I liked. First is the lemongrass green side of the scarf.
The other side of the scarf is more golden with lovely lemongrass squares.
The Italian hemstitching looked a little small in scale to the scarf so I had to come up with something in the fringe to help. I saw this technique done on a shawl at a Shuswap Guild sale and I really liked it. So after a lot of trial and error I figured it out and it really adds the extra element that the scarf needed. The picture shows the true colours of the scarf.
It is really hard to get this scarf to photograph with true colours, but the lovely shine does come through! Below is the primarily golden side.
Below is the primarily lemongrass side.
I like the depth of colour with this colour combination. Also having the freedom to weave as I want was wonderful too.
When you google Drall the first links are about Star Wars and the aliens called Drall from the planet Drall in the Corellian System. Mum and I like to name our scarves so for these two scarves I have named them Corellia and Selonia.


Susan said...

Your scarf looks fresh and very spring like!
Since I bought your lace circle scarf, I know what the gold and green combo looks like and its magic! I have been wearing it over a light beige fleece and I get comments on it all the time.

The Italian hemstitching and then adding the criss cross is a lovely technique! I think we learned that from the same teacher source. :)

You know, with all the beautiful weaving you do, its hard to remember that you are still a 'new' weaver! You are doing so well!


dorothylochmaben said...

Another lovely scarf in my favourite Drall draft ! the lemongrass looks great and I really like the criss cross on the fringes. Must look that one up !
A great project

Anonymous said...

I love the design, colours and surface contrast through the yarns you have chosen for this scarf. Just love that green!
It is very inspiring, and I just have to investigate Drall drafts myself.