Sunday, September 5, 2010

Huck Lace Blocks with Boucle Yarn

This scarf started a little unusually for me; I mainly start with a weave structure that I want to do then draft around that but this time it all started with a yarn. It is a 77% wool and 23% viscose blend that has little loops and it is variegated dark greens. It is partnered with a 2/12 olive green pure merino wool. The picture below shows the true colours.
I knew that I wanted the novelty yarn to be an accent but I also wanted to use it in a way that made sense. So came up with the idea of boxes with the novelty yarn used as the defining perimeter. That left the interior of the box for something interesting. A huck lace block seemed to fit the bill. It is a two shuttle weave so I needed to have a way of knowing when to throw the novelty yarn. As the huck is an 8 shaft pattern I was able to have shaft 12 raise with the pattern shafts which told me to throw the novelty yarn, much better then counting the pattern repeat!
After washing all the loops and bumps showed more prominently which is fantastic. It really gives this scarf interest and shows of the novelty yarn to its best advantage.
I wasn’t sure on how to finish the fringe on this scarf and so I tried a couple of things. I tried just twizzling the fringe but for some reason it didn’t look to be in scale with the scarf, they looked too thin. So I went to my tried and true wool fringe technique – the fish tail braid! It is thick enough to fill in the fringe and I was able to do the novelty yarn the same way so the fringe is cohesive.
The squares of huck lace are really pretty and add interest to the scarf without competing with the novelty yarn.
This is scarf has a lovely drape and feels amazingly soft, before washing I was a little worried about the novelty but it has become wonderfully supple after wet finishing.
I am the weaver for the Salmon Arm Fall Fair Sheep to Shawl competition again this year. Since it is always a learning experience with wool as this is not my usual yarn of choice; creating this wool scarf is very timely. It seems to take some getting used to the springiness of wool and having the correct beat. Now that I’ve had this little bit of practice I am looking forward to the Sheep to Shawl!


Walden said...

Interesting! The scarf turned out lovely!

Unknown said...

great way to combine the two yarns!

Susan said...

Washing certainly puffed up the loops and tightened the pattern definition for your lace nicely!

We can almost feel the cuddle factor from here! (Seeing the weaving and not being able to touch is torture!)

You are doing so well Ngaire!