Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pleated Twill Scarves Again

I am doing pleats again but this time I am using 2/20 mercerized cotton because I wanted the scarf to have more shine. I used a salmon pink and a dusky rose, with the rose as the weft also.
There are 5 stripes in the rose colour and 4 stripes in the pink; each is one inch, making the scarf 9 inches in the reed. The structure of the scarf is that the stripes are either 1/3 or 3/1 twill so one stripe curves up and the other curves down. After washing the scarf is 2 ½ inches wide.
The colour combination is really pretty, a lot more subtle then the black and white one.
I am having a little problem with this scarf, it is really wrinkly. To dry the scarf it is pulled length wise to help encourage the pleats and it should be flipped about halfway through the drying process. Well, I dried it outside on a 30 C day and forgot to flip it and now it is wrinkly. So I am going to wash and dry it again hopefully it will come out better.
But it may be the cotton, the scarf is much stiffer then the black and white one, which is a Tencel/cotton blend. The drape of this scarf is quite funky, very stiff so I am hoping that washing it again will help.
I wish that I had read my post about the first pleated scarf because I said that next time I should try the stripes at ½ inch. I think that maybe the cotton would have worked better with shallower pleats. I am going right now to my record sheet and writing that observation down!


textrix said...

I really love your scarves!

Valerie said...

It looks really lovely. Nice colors!

Hope the wrinkle conundrum is easily solved.

You know, that checking my notes thing gets me every time.

charlotte said...

The colors are simply beautiful! The pleated scarves are absolutely on my to-do-list!