Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

It must be the fast approaching holiday season, or the cold winter weather because something out of the ordinary is making me seriously stupid!

Last week I put a short 2 yard 2/8 cotton warp on my Louet Jane table loom. Admittedly I have only put 2 previous warps on this loom and this warp was a spur of the moment thing, but that's no excuse. I wanted to make a couple of samples……that must be it…..sampling is a foreign thing to me; regardless, the warp went on slick as a whisker and I was feeling extremely proud of myself for getting it done so quickly with no threading errors or problem warp threads. I was ready to weave. Here it is ready to go – then I hear a quiet hesitant voice say “Mum, ummmm, you’ve forgotten to sley the reed”. I can’t believe it, what the heck! I blame the loom…., yup, it’s Janes’ fault for having a beater bar that flips out of the way so I didn’t see it! Or it's the stress of putting up the Christmas lights, or it's that first skiff of snow outside! So, feeling very dim witted, I untie the warp and flip down the reed and think that I’ll start again the next day when I'm fresher and have all my wits about me. Later that evening I hear that same sweet voice “Mum, ummmm, you’ve forgotten to go over the back beam!”

No, no I say…..that can’t be true! How is it possible to make that many mistakes on one 2 yard warp? Thankfully, I still had the lease sticks in place and it was an easy fix, but very humbling to say the least. I’m just glad that my daughter noticed it before I sleyed that pesky reed which has a tendency to hide! So here’s the sample that I needed for my workshop “A Method in the Madness”. The title is a quote from Shakespears’ Hamlet and now I really appreciate how appropriate my choice was! Thought I’d share this photo just because it’s pretty. A bouquet of chartreuse Chrysanthemums caught in a ray of winter sunshine…..so lovely.

Weaving Words

Dimity is an old fashioned word for a turned 1:2 twill. It always has a strong diagonal.


Life Looms Large said...

I'd blame the time of year!!!! I had a day like that today, but it mostly happened in a grocery store. I'll have to beg Jim to make a few extra trips no doubt after scatter-brained me couldn't complete the list to save my life.

The sample looks cool!!! I'm intrigued by this workshop and hope we'll hear more about it.

Your flower picture kind of sums up this week here - darkly beautiful.

Hoping for light & calm, clear minds!


Delighted Hands said...

At least they were fixable mistakes! It will be a great pattern.

Susan said...

Oh, my dear... I feel your pain. I think this time of year our minds are focusing on so many different issues and things to do. My studio has been a series of set backs lately too. Nothing earth shattering but bothersome enough they seem to be holding you back from really moving forward!

We may be 'frequent flyers' on the looms, but it seems we need to have our preflight check lists handy!

:) Susan

Anonymous said...

A useful "little voice"! I think we all have days like that - though with summer here my current excuse has to be that the heat has scrambled my brain.
The sample is very pretty.

Restless Knitter said...

I'll take Sue's "the time of year" excuse. I just missed the back beam on a warp I did last week. It was the first time I'd ever done that and I felt so silly.

The sample is very pretty!

Valerie said...

Missing the back beam....the most common error according to my friend who used to own a weaving shop. It was the first question she asked when she got a phone call reporting they couldn't get a shed to open.

Missing the reed...I dunno...you been doing tapestry weaving maybe?

Dark December days do take their toll.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I laughed out loud when I read where the inspiration for the sample is coming from! How appropriate! :) Thank God you have a wonderful observant weaver daughter who can gently point;) Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Dorothy said...

I've made the not sleying the read error a few times, generally when I've been working too late in the evening.

Very beautiful chrysanthemums!

Deanna said...

LOL - don't you love the confessional aspect of blogging, plus the sure knowledge that you're in good company with the weaving errors. :-) HUGS!


Even though the start was rocky I love the pattern your weaving quite lovely.

charlotte said...

The sample looks great, although it had a tough start! I think you can blame it on the prechristmas stress..

Trapunto said...

Looks good! Rose and brown is one of my favorite color combinations. I've forgotten to sley the reed too. Same thing: the beater it comes off the loom, and I prop it against the wall out of sight. I've never forgotten to go around the back beam, but that's only because it's physically impossible on my loom, which carries the warp beam in the castle. What a trial! I admire your perseverance!