Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After the ball!

Saturday at the Kalamalka Spin In was wonderful. Lots of weavers and spinners and of course plenty of hand woven and handspun show and tell. I decided to show my stash organizer as well as the shawl and received lots of positive feedback on the organizer. I was really worried that it was a tad too anal for most of the group, after all, these are very creative ladies. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved at how many ladies though it was something they could use and thankful that so many came up and told me! Thank goodness for that, sometimes I feel that I’m over organized and a bit linear compared to others.

This is the Ponderosa Sheep for ANWG, isn’t he wonderful! Ruth Jarrett is the owner/creator of this colourful fellow. The large wooly sheep has been covered by hundreds of mini skeins of wool in rainbow colours each sewn on by hand. The skeins were in part provided and made by the Ponderosa Guild group.

My contribution to the guild booth is ongoing. I have cut out and top stitched veins on about 100 felted leaves so far and was given this bag on Saturday, more, more, and more! I just know our booth is going to rock!

We are extremely fortunate to have four, yes, four Master Weavers in my area! Gudrun Weisinger got her Master Weaver status in Germany and is - need I say it – an awesome weaver and teacher! Gudrun wove this overshot design using 2/20 mercerized cotton and recycled copper wire gathered by her husband from small home appliances, like toasters….amazing! My photograph really doesn’t do the wall hanging justice, it gleams and sparkles and is so very perfectly woven! Each square is mounted individually and has squiggles of wire in between.
My new mast head is what I’m putting on my loom today. It started out my new summer runner, but it looks very airy and lacy, so I'll weave it as a shawl with a fringe. The red 2/10 mercerized cotton will be woven as plain weave and the hand painted yellow 2/12 mercerized cotton areas will be Finnish Lace. I'll post the draft when I have it tied up and have woven a bit.

Well, back to painting - seems that spring and painting the interior of the house are synonomous.

Weaving Words
Blankets are named after their inventor, Thomas Blanquette, a Flemish weaver who lived in Bristol England, during the 14th century.


bspinner said...

I love the "sheep of many colors". Some sure does have an imagination to come up with that.

Deanna said...

Love the new masthead image - there's something so beautiful about a new warp!

And I don't really think it is possible to be over organized!

Susan said...

Your new masthead is a real eye catcher! You know you're 'hardcore' as a weaver when that makes your heart go pitty pat.

Love Ruth's sheep! She is a real sweetie and hope she is well. Did you enjoy the spin in? Always nice to meet old friends isn't it?

Gudrun's copper wire weaving: well I got two Christmas cards from her in the last two years with the copper wire and I take them out all year round to stare in amazement at what she creates. On a sewing thread warp no less!
(And every time we have schnitzel, I think of her. She taught me how to make that)

Can't wait to see the new shawl under way....I'm sure it's beautiful...


charlotte said...

Your new masthead is beautiful! How very interesting to weave with copper wire, I really have to pay more attention to old electronic stufff which doesn't work anymore...

Life Looms Large said...

The sheep is super cool! Hopefully all of those leaves will be put to some good use.....that sounds like a lot of work!!

My husband is a great guy. He spent countless hours in the basement with me this winter sanding and refinishing my loom. But I cannot imagine anything inspiring him enough to remove small copper wires from broken appliances. Those copper pieces are beautiful and I feel like that couple is very interesting!!

Love the new masthead!!

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

That sheep is one cool cat! :)