Monday, October 20, 2008

Nothing Holding Me Back Now

My shadow weave came off the Minerva loom today and I quickly gave it a wash and press so I could post it. I'm not thrilled about how the colours are showing in this photo as they are not a true representation of the lovely soft grey and burgundy that I chose. The front and back are essentially the same so it would make a lovely shawl if woven in a fine yarn and if the selvedges could be worked with to minimize the colour shifts.

It really is quite amazing how complex a 4 shaft shadow weave can appear isn't it! I found the basis of this weave in a Marion Powell book and made a few changes to make it my own. Now I Spring into action and get going on learning my new loom.


Susan said...

I *really* like your red hearts under your blog title!
Very nice...

And thank you for the close up of the shadow weave. It is amazing how complex 4 shaft shadow weave can be.

Hope you are feeling more comfortable with the blogging medium!


Marie said...

The shadow weave is extraordinary! I've never had any interest in that weave structure until you posted that photo. Lovely