Sunday, April 26, 2020

This and That

The loom is still empty.  Next week looks like it is going to be wet and rainy so I have hopes that I’ll have something on the loom soon.
In the meantime I’m looking through some magazines for some inspiration.
With the pandemic a lot of craft shows are cancelling so more people are turning to online sources for selling, like Etsy.  I thought that it may be interesting to show how I take my photos.  The walls in my house are a lovely shade of yellow, which adds a terrible yellow shade to photographs.  The work around that I use is a sheet of rigid insulation covered with white fabric; it is lightweight and easy to move around.
The best light in the house is the master ensuite.  I usually wait for a sunny day to take my product photos but to show you the set up I took this photo on a grey rainy day.  I always take my photos in landscape, never portrait.
Below is a product photo I took a couple of weeks ago and then I use Photoshop to tidy up the background.  I like to leave the product in the photo as untouched as possible.

Orange watch 2020 update, we now have flowers!
Final Garden Photo is The Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis).  They are starting to unfurl and bloom, so pretty.  A neighbour gave us some daylilies that had a few Lily of the Valley hidden within, the daylilies are long gone, but the Lily of the Valley remain.  Funny how you start to accept that some things are going to live regardless of how many times you pull them out!

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Peg Cherre said...

I always admire your photos. Thanks for sharing how you do it;still, your skills exceed mine by quite a bit. ��