Monday, April 13, 2020

No Weaving But Gardening

During these strange times I’m finding that I’m spending a lot of time in the garden, so much in fact that my loom has been sitting empty for over a week!  Hopefully I’ll get some weaving inspiration and get something on the loom this week.  So, for the rest of the blog there will just be some pretty plant pictures of what is in our garden.

The Siberian Iris has really taken off this week, almost doubling in height overnight.  Behind it is the Flying Dragon Bitter Orange Tree (Ponciros trifoliata monstrosa) which is just starting to bud and we will soon start orange watch 2020.
The candy tuft is bloom.  It adds a lovely white cloud of colour to the garden.
One of the nine different Japanese Maples that we have in the garden, is unfurling its leaves.  Below is purple flowering rockcress adding a splash of colour against the lime green new leaves.
The blueberries are starting to flowering with their pink flowers bells and new leaves.
This year the dwarf lilac 'Miss Kim'  is just covered in blooms, last year it didn’t bloom at all so I’m quite excited to see them; and better yet, smell them!
Harry Lauder's walking stick or contorted hazelnut is just finishing blooming with its long catkins.  Underneath is a wreath of green sedums.
The Bleeding Heart has grown tall and has started to bloom, which is amazing because I thought we'd pulled it out last year.
We are still working on the back garden but the bones of the new garden beds are in place.
That’s it for the post; I hope to have something weaving related next week, we send our hopes to you for good health and happiness during this crazy time.

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