Monday, March 23, 2020

The Beginnings of a Deflected Double Weave Scarf

After doing a scarf is Double Weave (blog post here), it is now time for me to explore Deflected Double Weave.  I had a little bit of trouble picking out the colours for the warp and weft, but I decided to go with colours that made me happy.  I am using 2/8 Orlec in Plum and 2/10 Cotton in Pink.  Pretty and cheerful.
Yesterday I pulled the warp, pulled it onto the back beam, threaded, sleyed the reed, tied on and tied up the treadles.  Not bad for a mornings work!   Now it's waiting for me to start weaving.
In these interesting times I’m finding that I’m enjoying going outside and working in the garden.  We are doing some spring tidying up, here we cut down the lavender and now you can see the daffodils popping open.  We planted daffodils in the front garden last fall to add spring colour and because the deer don’t eat them.  Well, the deer must use our front garden as a nursery because they are trying to eat them and spitting out the daffodil flower heads!
In the back we are doing a massive garden reno, we are digging up almost everything in a garden bed, splitting plants, moving plants and increasing the size of the bed then moving onto the next section.
We are also moving the pathways through the garden; the old pathway was behind the rosemary between the two grasses.  Now we have moved to the corner of the patio beside a sprinkler.  We have also increased the size of the garden beds.  It is going to be a big job; we have only tackled the small gardens by the patio, and we still have the vast beds running along the entire fence line!  I’m excited to see what the gardens are going to look like in the summer.
Final Garden Shot is Russian Snowdrops (Puschkinia Libanotica), I planted a whole bunch of spring bulbs under a little tree and they are opening up in succession.  First was the crocuses, now the Puschkinia and I’m not sure what the next bunch is going to be but you can just see them peeking out behind the Russian Snowdrops.

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