Wednesday, January 27, 2016

12 Shaft Broken Twill Scarf

A few years ago I bought a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk which is 70% silk and 30% seaweed fibre. My skein is in the colour run called ‘Corsica’ (you can look at it here) ~ very sweet and pretty.

I am really trying to reduce my stash of 'one offs' so I finally decided that it MUST be used.  I hunted for a pattern that would show the lovely colour changes and not overwhelm the colours completely; and I found a 12 shaft broken twill that I had never tried, which fit the bill perfectly.
The grist of this yarn is similar to 2/6 and the yarn is very lofty and soft.  I decided to make a scarf and since I had no idea how many ends I would get I just started to pull the 100 inch long warp.  I ended up with 147 ends and amended my pattern to fit this number.  I decided to sett the scarf at 20 ends per inch which gave me a width of about 7 inches.
As always I auditioned the weft yarns; and I tried a lovely soft blue, soft green and white all in 2/8 tencel.  I liked the white the best but ended up using 2/10 tencel for a less prominent weft.
This scarf was a real pleasure to weave and it seemed to fly off the loom because the treadling was a straight 1-12 repeat.
There are definitely two sides to the scarf with one predominantly warp dominant and the other weft dominant.
This scarf has amazing lustre and fabulous drape ~ a real winner in my books!
I loved weaving this pattern so much that I have put on another scarf warp in Tencel using up a few ends of the bobbins.


Dianne said...

Very beautiful, as usual. What was the silk/seasilk like to work with? I spun some seasilk once and it caused no problems.

Lynnette said...

Hi Dianne,
The sea silk was really lovely to work with, it didn't stretch in the warp and kept a uniform tension. There were a few small lumps of silk here and there but they came off very easily. I have another skein of it in dark coral and I'm looking forward to using it as soon as I come up with another interesting pattern!

Peg Cherre said...

This scarf is really beautiful. The twill and color of your weft work perfectly with it.

Susan said...

What a pretty 'spring like' scarf...... to match our weather!
I have some sea silk and it was lovely to work with. They are putting some interesting combinations together!